Industries served by RELEX

Leading retailers and brands use RELEX to drive record-high product availability, increased sales, improved sustainability, and the best ROI in inventory, space, workforce, and capacity planning.


RELEX for convenience stores

RELEX helps convenience retailers improve planning in all functional areas, from forecasting and replenishment to planogramming and promotion planning.

RELEX for DIY and home improvement retailers

With RELEX, DIY retailers can manage inventory challenges like long lead times and slow movers, streamline complex omnichannel operations, and improve supply chain visibility.

RELEX for grocery retailers

RELEX helps grocery retailers optimize their forecasting, replenishment, space, and workforce processes across the entire supply chain to drive sales, increase competitiveness, and deliver the freshest products.

RELEX for health, beauty, and pharmacy retailers

With RELEX, health, beauty, and pharmacy retailers can unify planning across all core retail processes, both omnichannel and in-store, while improving supply chain visibility and optimizing operations.

RELEX for home furnishing stores

With RELEX, home furnishing retailers can unify planning across their core retail processes—from forecasting and replenishment to space planning and workforce optimization.

RELEX for general merchandise and discount retail

RELEX helps general merchandise and discount retailers unify plans–from omnichannel to brick-and-mortar–and support the management of various assortments while accommodating shifting consumer buyer patterns.

RELEX for specialty retailers

With unified planning, RELEX helps specialty retailers like you optimize inventory across the entire supply chain, improve omnichannel availability, and better plan capacity needs.

RELEX for electronics retailers

RELEX helps electronics retailers optimize inventory across the entire supply chain, improve omnichannel availability, promotion and markdown planning, and exceed customers’ expectations.

Wholesale & distribution

RELEX for grocery and foodservice

With RELEX, grocery and foodservice wholesalers can maximize service levels and lower costs with intelligent, automated inventory planning.

RELEX for pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers

With RELEX, pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers can unify planning across their supply chain processes through inventory optimization and replenishment automation while meeting complex government, supplier, and retailer regulations and requirements.

RELEX for automotive part distribution

RELEX helps wholesale distributors of automotive parts and tools improve planning across different functional areas, from forecasting and replenishment to workforce optimization.

Consumer packaged goods manufacturing

RELEX for fresh food producers

RELEX helps fresh and prepared food brands optimize their supply chain and cut food waste while maximizing service levels and quality.

RELEX for meat processors

RELEX helps meat processors capture shifting meat supply and demand when collaborating with vendors, and optimizing fluctuating livestock yields to determine best cuts to satisfy existing demand.

RELEX for baked goods

RELEX helps bakeries to deliver the freshest products while synchronizing production planning and scheduling to minimize downtime and maximize profits.

RELEX for home and living

RELEX helps consumer home brands and manufacturers manage a complex global supply chain, supporting end-to-end planning to reduce lost sales, improve efficiency, and raise service levels.

RELEX for dairy processors

Address your biggest dairy processing challenges  Dairy processors must determine how to maximize profit while moving fresh dairy products through…

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