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Maximize freshness, minimize spoilage

RELEX helps grocers optimize their forecasting, replenishment, promotions, space, and workforce planning across their stores and the supply chain to drive sales, increase competitiveness, and deliver the freshest products to customers in every channel. 

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Turn your greatest grocery challenges into opportunities

Food retailers must carefully manage a broad range of products and ever-changing market dynamics to succeed in today’s crowded market. They face multiple challenges, especially with fresh foods, including spoilage and highly manual processes.

Availability and freshness 

With 41% of grocery retail sales coming from fresh departments, grocers must maintain high availability to meet customer demand while keeping fresh products at their freshest to satisfy customers. Balancing product availability, inventory cost, and spoilage is difficult, as the inventory data is often incomplete, and demand fluctuates.  

Food waste and sustainability

Wasted food costs roughly twice the amount of retail sales profit, significantly impacting a retailer’s bottom line. In fact, 13% of food waste globally comes from retail. Reducing waste can also help retailers meet their sustainability targets. 

Omnichannel efficiency

Consumers expect a streamlined shopping experience—regardless of channel—with low prices and fast delivery times. Grocery retailers must rethink their approach to efficiency to support customers online and in stores.

Store operations 

For retailers, it’s all about finding the right balance: ensuring sufficient staff to maintain customer satisfaction and high service levels while also streamlining inventory and order processes to enhance efficiency and minimize errors. 

RELEX Mobile Pro

Empower your stores to optimize their fresh forecasting and replenishment operations with RELEX Mobile Pro. Our mobile app focuses on managing the complexities of fresh – improving store efficiency, maximizing sales and profitability while also minimizing waste and spoilage.

Built on the RELEX fresh management knowledge base, RELEX Mobile Pro supports fresh store operators and center store workers, all on one app.  

Streamline retail processes for a wide product assortment 

Provide complete visibility across the entire supply chain, allowing for smooth collaboration between central planners and store operations. 

Fresh perspectives: Revolutionizing grocery retail with AI

Watch our webinar to discover how AI transforms grocery retail by streamlining operations, predicting demand, reducing waste, and enhancing productivity in this riveting discussion with our fresh experts.

Impressive results from grocery retailers like you 

Customer video: Coop Estonia

Oliver Rist, Coop Estonia Purchasing Director, sat down to share some insights about their partnership with RELEX and how they are increasing the profitability of their promotions and ensuring high availability for campaign products.

Case study: Prisma Peremarket 

Following a successful deployment of the RELEX forecasting and replenishment solutions, Prisma Peremarket began exploring how RELEX could further automate and streamline tasks to enhance their store operational efficiency.

By using RELEX we were able to see what was in danger of becoming unsellable before it’s too late so now we can take steps to minimize food waste.

Simon Svensson
Purchaser at Oda

Case study: Oda

With RELEX, the largest Norwegian online fresh food retailer Oda has seen a 49% reduction in spoilage value and a 25% increase in inventory turnover.

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