Living Retail Platform

RELEX’s retail optimization solutions introduce data science to the art of retailing. Accurate forecasting, replenishment, space planning, markdown, and workforce optimization — we bring everything together on one unified cloud platform.

Retail Optimization for Every Future

We offer a fast track to value that builds from a foundation of radically improved demand forecasting and end-to-end supply chain optimization, spanning everything from automatic store replenishment and upstream inventory planning to allocations. Our customers further eradicate functional siloes, rigidities, and inefficiencies by leveraging this improved demand and supply chain visibility into exponential benefits — optimizing their macro and micro space, assortments, workforce, and pricing and promotions, all on our unified Living Retail Platform.

Autonomous + Adaptive = Living Retail

Living retail unites the efficiency of autonomous retail and the resilience of adaptive retail. It’s impossible for companies to predict how retail will look in ten or even five years — but it is possible to make a leap in efficiency today while also improving your resilience to change and ability to innovate in a dynamic business environment. This is the promise of our Living Retail Platform.

Autonomous Retail Powered by Pragmatic AI and Unsurpassed Computational Power

The cut-throat competition in retail today leaves no room for inefficiency. Retailers who fail to harness the speed and accuracy of data-driven algorithmic decision-making will quickly find themselves falling behind the pack.

Our Living Retail Platform leverages pragmatic AI and unsurpassed computational power to perform large amounts of repetitive tasks, such as demand forecasting, store replenishment, and planogram optimization, autonomously without human intervention. Our self-learning, self-optimizing retail planning technology frees up human resources and adds efficiency and consistency to your decision-making in the increasingly complex world of retail.

Adaptive Retail Powered by Technology Designed for Change

In retail today, change is the only constant. Mega-trends (like increasing urbanization and the importance of sustainability) and disruptive technologies are transforming the business. Retailers who can’t adapt will lose relevance and fade.

That’s why our Living Retail Platform is designed for change. Our “configure, don’t code” approach enables retailers to continuously hone their planning and optimization and adapt to changes in demand, trends, or competition. Unified planning across functions like merchandising, supply chain, and store operations ensures fast and successful implementation of your innovations like new store formats or new fulfillment models. Adaptive retail makes it faster and easier for retailers to implement these changes, giving our customers the resiliency and flexibility needed for a competitive edge.

Dive deeper into RELEX’s Living Retail Platform

Pragmatic AI x Retail-Scale x Adaptable x Unified

Pragmatic AI for Quick, Automated, And Accurate Retail Decisions

The RELEX Living Retail Platform leverages pragmatic AI in all retail planning processes. The platform encompasses a full toolbox of retail math, ranging from swarm intelligence and machine learning to autonomous decisions. The goal is to improve the speed and quality of not only demand forecasting, but all retail planning decisions.

RELEX’s pragmatic AI gives users 360° visibility into the reasoning behind every planning decision and its outcomes. We don’t ask anyone to trust their mission-critical operations to a mysterious black box. Instead, we empower retailers by making advanced data science transparent and understandable.

Retail-Scale Computational Power

Retail is detail, at scale. Hyper-scale retail means managing tens of billions of forecasts, tens of millions of goods flows, and tens of thousands of employees.

To process all that data and turn it into action, we leverage a database optimized for in-memory analytics, making use of intense data compression enabled by our specialization in retail. Our embedded database allows for extensive in-database computation, minimizing unnecessary data handling, and utilizes patented technology that combines continuous data processing with high-performance analytics. Furthermore, our data fusion layer makes it easy to integrate with both third-party and internal data sources for all planning purposes in near real-time, through modern interfaces.

Our data performance capabilities have been put to the test by the biggest hyper-scale retailers in the world, and we’ve met all challenges.

Designed for Adaptability — “Configure, don’t code”

We’re retail experts who focus exclusively on retail’s challenges. That expertise, integrated into product development, has resulted in our platform’s Living Retail best practice configurations and workflows. These best practices give our clients a jump start in revamping their planning and optimization processes. But the journey doesn’t stop there.

We designed the Living Retail Platform to empower our customers to experiment, innovate, and adapt to changing conditions. With little effort, great speed, and low cost, the Living Retail Platform allows retailers to continually finetune their system to match their evolving strategy, business model, and market needs.

Our mantra is “configure, don’t code.” The platform’s graphical configuration layer makes it easy for users to test and implement customer-specific adaptations without long development and test cycles. Important changes to business processes and optimization can be implemented either by customer super users or RELEX’s own process experts. These customer-specific configurations survive all system updates and upgrades, ensuring that all customers continuously reap the benefits of our extensive R&D.

Unified Planning for Alignment and Optimization Across Retail Functions

With the Living Retail Platform, you start with a limited but impactful scope, then expand as needed while reaping immediate benefits with each step.

We offer a fast lane to value that builds from a foundation of radically improved demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. Our customers leverage this enhanced supply chain visibility into exponential benefits — optimizing their space, allocation, workforce, pricing and promotion strategies, all within our unified platform.

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