Promotion planning software

Drive revenue, profit, and traffic with optimized promotion planning

RELEX promotion planning software helps drive revenue, profit, and online/offline traffic. Identify which campaigns to start, stop, and adjust, then determine which combination of price, tactics, and features will generate the best results for your business. 

Drive higher sales, profit, and traffic


profit improvement on promoted items


sales uplift on promoted items 

8 hours

saved per person per week on promotion management  

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RELEX helps retailers plan, analyze, and optimize promotion campaigns

Use RELEX promotion planning software to create campaigns that drive higher sales and profit and create more predictable promotion performance.

Key features

Plan, analyze, and execute optimized campaigns


Improve promotional planning and execution with a cross-functional, AI-driven solution 

Take advantage of our industry-leading forecast accuracy for promotional decisions. Evaluate past campaigns, plan new promotions, forecast impact, and meet your objectives, all within one collaborative tool. 

  • Maximize your promotions returns 

    Automate and streamline the planning, evaluation, and execution of in-store and online campaigns. Optimize promotion outcomes: drive traffic, revenue, profit, and basket spend.  

  • Automate processes and improve vendor collaboration  

    Collaborate, set targets, track performance, and get AI-driven recommendations. Utilize past campaigns data to support planned promotions, while improving collaboration with vendors, and secure more funding.  

  • Understand the true impact of your promotions 

    Calculate baseline sales, quantify vendor funding, and account for switching, stockpiling, and halo effects to uncover your promotion’s true profit or loss value. Rapid deployment ensures quick results. 

    Test campaigns to predict impact

    Simulate multiple scenarios in a sandbox-like environment to determine real-world impact. Take advantage of system-provided recommendations to improve outcomes and maximize revenue and profit. 

    Unify promotion and supply chain planning

    Utilize our unified promotion planning software to coordinate promotion and supply chain planning, maximizing sales and preserving margins while reducing the potential for under- and overstocking. 

    Forecast with confidence 

    Take advantage of industry-leading forecast accuracy that allows you to make promotion decisions that align with your business objectives.

    Automate processes and reduce errors

    Collaborate, set targets, track performance, and react to external changes with our unified promotion planning software, which provides centralized data for more streamlined decisions.

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    Promotion planning & optimization

    Promotions are one of the most valuable but least optimized areas of retail. In this demo video, we look at 5 key steps in promotion planning and how RELEX helps retailers run more effective promotion campaigns.

    “With RELEX, we’re able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our promotions. This has proved essential for securing funding for future campaigns that serve us, our suppliers, and most importantly, our customers. In fact, we’ve covered the cost of the RELEX solution alone through the last 2 supplier deals we’ve negotiated!”

    Carl-Johan Sagner
    Promotional Strategy Manager, Mathem 

    Case study: Mathem

    Mathem, Sweden’s leading independent online grocery retailer, has achieved outstanding results in their promotion process and sales on promotion after implementing RELEX promotions planning.

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