An image showing a man and woman working on a computer using RELEX and AI in to optimize inventory levels and improving supply chain efficiency.

The right tool for the right job

Machine learning and AI are nothing new to RELEX. Our platform and solutions have been using machine learning to forecast demand, optimize inventory levels, and improve supply chain efficiency for years. We offer best-in-class performance with our AI-powered retail and supply chain solutions.

RELEX applies the right approach and the right type of AI to turn your business challenges into opportunities.

The RELEX platform delivers real business value

Companies face challenges with market shifts, network and planning complexity, industry requirements, and ambiguity about what AI is and how it functions. Our strategic application of AI in supply chain and retail technology drives faster ROI for reinvestment in growth opportunities, scales easily with business growth and market demands, and delivers rapid and actionable insights that protect margins and boost profitability.

Enhance collaboration and visibility across the supply chain for smarter decision-making, greater efficiency, and reduced waste.

Retail and supply chain planning AI business challenges 

Data security, privacy, and integrity are crucial for making informed business decisions, emphasizing the need for accurate, consistent, and reliable data.

One size doesn’t fit all

A one-size fits all AI approach doesn’t work in a highly competitive market. Leaders are torn between investing in the potentially wrong technology and being left behind.

Inability to scale and adapt

Planning silos, poor visibility, and rigid tech stacks can’t easily adapt to market volatility and disruptions, or scale with business needs and growth.  

Poor-quality data insights

Insight-poor data services and processes have plenty of data, but no way to extract the best value and insights from it.  

Delayed reactions to supply 

Slow, inaccurate responses to the daily flood of supply chain shifts necessitate tech investment.  

AI/ML enhance RELEX solutions 

Supply chain AI/ML

Improves forecast accuracy 

Smooths inventory flows 

Optimizes multi-sourcing decisions

Merchandising AI/ML

Optimizes product assortments 

Ensures precise pricing & promotions 

Enhances shelf space utilization 

Operations AI/ML

Detects phantom inventory 

Optimizes workload forecasting 

Improves workforce solutions

An illustration of a computer monitor with a greyed out user interface on the screen showing the specialized AI within RELEX.

Specialized AI boosts efficiency across solutions 

Specialized AI focuses on specific tasks in each of the RELEX solutions to deliver highly accurate demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and tailored supply chain efficiency improvements. 

With a strong focus on research and development and a wealth of experience, we’ve crafted specialized AI systems designed to excel in retail and supply chain settings.

An image of Gen AI data insights withing RELEX, with a question asked from a user, and a response from Rebot, the Gen AI assistant within RELEX.

Gen AI data insights for increased productivity

Generative AI (gen AI) empowers the user and increases productivity by learning from the vast RELEX knowledge base and making best practices and supply chain insights easily accessible.  

Rebot, supply chain’s first-to-market gen AI assistant, equips users with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and deepen their understanding of the solution and their network’s needs.

A quote mark with a purple and blue gradient, depicting AI within RELEX.

Rebot helps retail and supply chain users solve problems by answering their questions. Rebot is multilingual and helps users make data-driven decisions worldwide!

An illustration showing the RELEX platform, with AI on the left, Rebot on the right and the RELEX platform in the centre.

The RELEX platform: Collaboration and visibility

The RELEX AI-based platform enables seamless interactions between planning functions for a collaborative, unified planning approach. Thanks to a shared pool of up-to-date data, teams across the network enjoy better supply chain visibility and greater planning accuracy.

The platform continually integrates technological enhancements provided by RELEX and trusted, industry-leading partners like Microsoft. With proven capabilities and rigorously tested innovations, RELEX provides the dependable, adaptable, and scalable solutions to keep customers competitive, no matter what the future holds.

Why the RELEX platform?


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RELEX reinvestment is in R&D

Our customers  

100% of RELEX customers use AI 

At RELEX, we are committed to unlocking value for our customers from the latest innovations. We work closely with our customers to understand their operational details, so we can apply the right tool for the right job. 

Lowes logo with a blue background for a customer quote.

“Our selection of RELEX was driven by their proven expertise in the home improvement retail sector. We were particularly impressed by their advanced, AI-driven approach and the flexibility of their inventory management systems. RELEX is well-known for their automation capabilities and exceptional dashboard. Working with both RELEX and Accenture aligns with our ongoing commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to enhance our business processes.”

Camille Fratanduono
Senior Vice President of Inventory, Replenishment and Planning at Lowe’s

BFG Supply Co. logo with a green background for a customer quote.

“As we expand, it’s crucial to have a robust and scalable supply chain platform that aligns with our growth strategy. The RELEX machine-learning forecasting solution stands out for its ease of use, configurability, and transparent output. It’s precisely what we need to support our strategic objectives.”

Chris DeMeester
CIO of BFG Supply Co

DeShengtang Pharmaceutical logo with a blue background for a customer quote.

“RELEX has deep understanding of the pharmaceutical sector, becoming the clear choice for Deshengtang. With its AI-driven solution and global use cases, we look forward to RELEX bringing the best practices of the global pharmaceutical industry to Deshengtang and the Chinese market. This marks a new beginning in our journey toward supply chain digitization, paving the way for comprehensive supply chain optimization at Deshengtang.”

Mr Long Yan
President at Deshentang

“RELEX machine learning-based forecasting is critical to our ability to accurately forecast our most challenging categories.” 

Richard Turton
Head of Supply Chain, One Stop 

Impressive results from customers like you

Case study: Franprix

Franprix, a leading convenience store retailer, significantly improved its operational efficiency and replenishment accuracy after the adoption of RELEX.

Case study: DOUGLAS

DOUGLAS, the leading beauty platform in Europe, has significantly improved its forecast accuracy and product availability with RELEX’s AI-driven forecasting and replenishment solutions.

Case study: One Stop

With RELEX’s machine learning forecast, One Stop has enhanced its daily forecast despite the complex weather-driven demands and increased in-store availability without spoilage corresponding.

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