Assortment planning solution

Drive sales, improve margins, and reduce supply chain costs with improved assortment planning 

Improve customer choice and store profitability with RELEX rapid and flexible assortment planning software. Accurately analyze assortments to identify both underperforming and exceptionally performing products. 

Finding the optimal assortment is critical to every retailer

Take advantage of shopper-focused, store-specific assortments that drive sales and improve margins while also reducing supply chain costs.

Key features

Unify your assortment planning on one platform. From demand and merchandise to supply chain and operations, RELEX helps provide maximum customer satisfaction by balancing sales and costs on one unified platform. 

Set category goals, including sales, margin, and volume targets, to align with merchandise strategies to meet sales objectives.

Discover how planned assortments are forecast to perform against category goals and adjust as needed.

Utilize existing data to gain valuable insights, enabling you to identify slow-moving SKUs and instances of item duplication. This process helps free up space for more optimized inventory or new SKUs.

Assortment management and planning enables retailers to plan their product offerings, ensuring that the right products are stocked in the right stores to meet customer demand.


Increase demand forecasting accuracy for better business results 

Accurately predict demand to ensure the right stock, resources, and capacity are available to maximize sales and customer satisfaction at low cost.

  • Plan strategically to drive revenue growth 

    RELEX assortment uses a streamlined decision-making process to oversee cohesive strategic planning across categories and maximizes resource allocation efficiency to meet business objectives. This allows you to assess your investment’s effectiveness and adjust strategies and resources to maximize profitability. Gain a deeper market understanding to better capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities and drive revenue growth. 

  • Efficiently manage SKU for sustained success 

    RELEX assortment offers an efficient decision-making process, allowing category managers to review their categories efficiently and allocate more time to strategic initiatives and growth opportunities. Through strategic SKU management, make informed decisions about the products to retain and discontinue. Minimize capital tied up in slow-moving SKUs, and free up liquidity for investment in high-performing products. Increase category gross margin to drive greater profitability and ensure sustained success.  

    Optimize new product introductions 

    RELEX attribute-based forecasting automatically sets relevant reference products for new items based on attributes such as category, brand, pack size, and price to more accurately predict the sales patterns of new products. 

    Drive cross-functional alignment 

    Make the impact of store-cluster and store-specific assortment changes visible across your business and improve communication to local teams with updates that are simultaneously available for forecasting, replenishment, planograms, and inventory planning. 

    Leverage forward-looking data 

    React to local needs and adapt assortments to changing demand by leveraging not only historical sales information but also store- and channel-specific forecasts. 

    Improve collaboration with stores 

    Mobile access to assortment and planogram information enables two-way communication between central teams and stores, allowing for efficient collaboration and making it easy for associates to suggest changes that can help match local demand. 

    I continue to be impressed by the flexibility. The range optimization that we do with RELEX, for example, would not have been possible with any other tool.

    Arthur Caron
    Head of Operation Excellence, Franprix

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