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Workload forecasting solution

With staffing costs accounting for up to 15% of your turnover, labor planning has never been more critical. Workload forecasting lays the foundation for accurate labor planning, helping you drive down costs while raising service levels.


Better capacity planning and business performance

with unified, AI-driven workload forecasting

Control workforce costs, drive efficiency, and improve labor planning across your organization.


Reduce personnel costs

Minimize overstaffing costs while ensuring the right amount of employees are scheduled in each location when they’re needed—all by applying improved visibility from accurate workload forecasts toward your labor planning.


Improve customer service

Ensure you have enough staff working during your highest customer demand hours, giving your customers the service they deserve and your employees the balanced, predictable workload they need.

Bring automation into labor planning

Say no to manual, cumbersome, ineffective resource planning. Our AI-driven workload forecasting solution automatically considers a wide range of labor hour drivers, giving you an accurate picture of future resourcing needs.


Plan your short- and long-term resourcing

Identify under- and overstaffing well in advance with a solution that forecasts upcoming workload peaks and troughs. With both short- and long-term visibility, you can address staffing challenges with enough time to ensure efficient store and DC operations.

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can help you accurately forecast your workload


“We have been very impressed with RELEX workload forecasts’ accuracy – it is over 90% for both 4 weeks and 26 weeks planning horizons which enables us to plan our resources optimally for both short and long term. We have seen some major changes in our customer behavior, but RELEX has managed to foresee and react to the changes exceptionally well.”

Timo Kauppila, CFO Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

Highlighted features

Workload forecasting software

AI-powered forecasting

Backed by our powerful, AI-driven forecasting engine, RELEX’s workload forecasting solution takes both external and internal labor drivers into account to predict potential peaks and fluctuations throughout the week, day, and year.

Accurate workload forecasting

RELEX considers real workload drivers to accurately forecast workload for all your retail tasks—whether delivery forecasts to predict shelving work or sales and footfall numbers for customer service tasks—helping you plan shifts that match daily workload at each store.

Unified planning across your organization

Not only can you see how changes to replenishment or assortment plans impact your workforce needs and costs—you can use that visibility to improve alignment and collaboration across your entire organization.


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