Grocery and foodservice industry

Unified supply chain planning for grocery and foodservice wholesalers 

With RELEX, grocery and foodservice wholesalers can maximize service levels and lower costs with intelligent, automated inventory planning. Our adaptive supply chain planning solution allows you to tackle both current and future challenges, support your workforce, and protect your bottom line.

Impressive results from our customers


food waste reduction 


better availability for fresh items without increasing inventory


reduction in order processing time 

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Improve service levels and reduce food waste

Food wholesalers need to strike a balance between reducing food waste, improving product freshness, and securing inventory availability so they can provide the highest level of service to their customers. 

Multiple accounts and channels

Wholesale forecasting requires the management of multiple customer types and sales channels, including direct-to-consumer and HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and cafés). 

Inventory freshness 

Perishable stock that doesn’t reach consumers quickly leads to poor quality or even waste, which directly impacts customer satisfaction and profitability. Ordering the right quantity at the right time is critical to avoid hurting margins. 

Stock levels 

For food logistics, the main challenge is ensuring there is enough stock to meet demand, especially during promotions and seasons, while avoiding excess stock. Unanticipated supply disruptions and changes make it increasingly difficult to maintain service levels.  

Workforce scarcity 

Workforce shortages combined with high labor costs and increased turnover have caused major challenges over the past few years. Wholesalers need to determine how to best utilize available labor, match labor needs to supply chain planning, and drive efficiencies through techniques like automation. 

Optimize supply chain processes

RELEX improves the accuracy of both short- and long-term supply chain planning while minimizing food waste, ensuring freshness, and improving service levels.

Inspiring customer stories

“If I had to make the decision of choosing RELEX again, I would do it, with double the confidence.”

Mushtaque Ahmed
COO, JJ Food Service Ltd

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Case study: JJ Food Service

The British bulk food retailer saw a 25% reduction in order processing time during a 3 month initial project period.

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