Store operations software

Provide transparency and empower store teams

Increase transparency and engagement with store operations software that drives timely, efficient collaboration between store staff and central teams, ensuring better availability, easier management of daily work, and improved customer satisfaction.

Key features

Access to centralized planograms increases replenishment accuracy

We wanted to make sure our stores and central teams constantly have access to the same data so they can communicate more efficiently to better plan store displays and on-shelf availability.

Michael Duus
Business Process Owner, Coop Danmark

RELEX Mobile Pro

Empower your stores to optimize their fresh forecasting and replenishment operations with RELEX Mobile Pro. Our mobile app focuses on managing the complexities of fresh – improving store efficiency, maximizing sales and profitability while also minimizing waste and spoilage.

Built on the RELEX fresh management knowledge base, RELEX Mobile Pro supports fresh store operators and center store workers, all on one app.  


Drive engagement and effectiveness in your stores with our mobile store execution software

Strengthen collaboration between your local and central teams to improve availability and ensure excellence throughout store operations.

Give teams quick access to critical data

With access to quick and easy mobile views and dashboards, your store teams have full visibility into your ordering processes, incoming deliveries, planogram development, and more.

Gain insight into store performance

Provide store managers with direct access to sales and availability data by store and category, helping them make informed, localized decisions that improve operational performance.

Improve employee engagement

Help store managers easily create and publish work shifts while providing your personnel with mobile tools that give them visibility into their upcoming shifts and the ability to influence their schedules.

Improve collaboration between teams

Enable prompt feedback and easy communication between local staff and central teams through shared access to data, allowing for quick adjustments to order proposals or planograms based on in-store expertise.

Increase planogram compliance

Efficiently communicate planogram changes to store personnel, allowing them to proactively identify potential implementation issues and ultimately increase compliance.

Raise customer satisfaction levels

Improve collaboration between central teams and stores by incorporating valuable local insights on assortment, spoilage risk, and local events to improve on-shelf availability, freshness, and customer satisfaction.

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