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Supply chain collaboration software

Share information and plan across entire supply networks

Leverage our supply chain collaboration software for information sharing and collaborative planning to improve visibility and alignment across your entire supply network.

Illustration of a supply chain collaboration


Improve supply chain visibility

with our retailer-supplier collaboration software

Engage in information sharing and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) with your upstream and downstream supply chain partners to drive sales and improve efficiency.


Share data and forecasts with suppliers

Eliminate needless uncertainty in your supply chain and reduce manual effort by automatically sharing demand and order forecasts with your suppliers.


Benefit from visibility into demand

Leverage retailer demand and order forecasts in supply and production planning for improved customer satisfaction and reduced cost.

Benefit from visibility into supply

Continuously update your planning and execution based on up-to-date supplier availability, constraints, and lead-time information.


Collaborate with key partners

Combine retailer and supplier expertise by setting up effective supply chain collaboration with key suppliers.

Monitor and analyze performance

Monitor supplier performance to drive more reliable, punctual supply. Proactively identify and resolve exceptions in demand and supply.

“To improve product availability and minimize waste throughout the supply chain, we automatically share our visibility into future demand with our suppliers using the RELEX system.”

Antti Kurhela, Supply Chain Manager Wihuri Oy Aarnio


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