Dairy processors

Optimized milk balancing and accurate demand forecasting

Dairy processors receive milk supply daily and must balance forecasted supply with the quantity and quality delivered. Based on the supply received and the forecasted demand, processors must also create an optimal product mix. Balancing synchronized planning from supply to demand, distribution, production, and sourcing creates the best business outcomes.  

Address your biggest dairy processing challenges 

Dairy processors must determine how to maximize profit while moving fresh dairy products through the supply chain. 

Balance fluctuating supply forecasts

Dairy processors receive a daily raw milk supply that may not match supply forecasts. They must balance the forecasted supply with raw materials received and create an optimal product mix, such as milk products, cream or milk powder.

Need for accurate demand planning

Dairy processors need to create forecasts that accurately reflect business constraints to create a single optimal plan that can satisfy both present and future demand which can change due to seasonal variations, promotions, and consumer preferences. 

Outdated and siloed production planning

There may be gaps between planning and execution due to outdated and disconnected manual planning processes in the purchasing, production, and distribution teams, which result in less-than-optimal business outcomes.

Spoilage costs

Storage constraints, inefficient production schedules, and manual, reactive order adjustments disrupt manufacturing and can spoil limited shelf-life, fresh milk products.

Optimize dairy supply chain planning

RELEX allows dairy processors to stay ahead of demand volatility and execute strategic short-term and long-term planning to meet demand, maximize yield and minimize waste. RELEX deconstructs silos to bridge the gap between planning and execution, while enabling strategic, cross-departmental decision-making.  

Inspiring customer stories

“We used the system to improve our demand planning and to understand current and projected capacities, needs and gaps. RELEX enables the operations and sales teams to work more effectively and collaboratively.”

Travis Daly
Business Team Leader, Bubbies Ice Cream

Case study: Bubbies Ice Cream

After a decade of perfecting their premium mochi ice cream, Bubbies was doing well, but there was a sense that the business could be doing even better.  

“Most of our products have relatively stable demand, albeit seasonal. RELEX does an excellent job of automating the forecasting process and delivering accurate projections.”

Jeff White
VP of Operations, Peak Foods

Case study: Peak Foods

This well-known frozen whipped topping producer was formed as a joint venture in 2000 to produce frozen whipped topping products for the retail, food service, and industrial sectors. 

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