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How to embrace AI-powered workforce management to cope with employee turnover in retail

This article explores three significant challenges employee turnover poses and how retailers can address them effectively.

The window of freshness is vanishingly small. Fresh packaged food manufacturers must dream bigger about forecasting

Discover how fresh packaged foods manufacturers can use high-accuracy demand forecasting to achieve optimal freshness.

Customer Video: Plantagen

Plantagen shares their success with their recent expansion with RELEX to streamline their ordering and replenishment and drive efficiency for store teams. 

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Unlock profitability with replenishment optimization

The efficiency of a business’s store replenishment operation has a major impact on profitability. Yet, it's often overshadowed by higher profile activities such as buying, merchandising and marketing.

How Successful Retail Execution Can Optimize Store Efficiency

Frontline teams cope with heavy workloads, burnout, and turnover in today's workforce, making store operations optimization crucial, especially for fresh products, to alleviate constraints and improve efficiency.

Top 3 challenges for consumer electronics retailers

The growth of omnichannel retail has provided consumers with more options than ever to purchase goods. This brings new challenges for consumer electronics retailers when managing their inventory and supply chains.

Planning shelves optimally 

Store-specific planograms are transforming retail shelf management. Why? They cater to each store's unique needs, ensuring products with high demand are rightly positioned.

Customer Video: Giant Tiger

In this video, Alison Herrera, Giant Tiger Supply Chain Systems Optimization Manager, shares how they have streamlined their inventory planning with RELEX to reduce inventory and increase efficiency from DCs to stores. 

RELEX recognized in the Forrester Retail Planning Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023

RELEX Solutions is one of 28 vendors recognized in the Forrester report, The Retail Planning Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023. Forrester recognizes RELEX Solutions among notable vendors in the report.

Customer Video: Rite Aid

In this video, Rite Aid Senior Manager of Allocation & Store Replenishment, Michael Marquardt, shares how RELEX is helping them streamline forecasting, replenishment and allocation and drive efficiency for their distribution centers.

Customer Video: AutoZone

Annie Hook, AutoZone VP of Replenishment, sat down with us to share insights into why they partnered with RELEX to streamline forecasting and replenishment for their distribution centers and boost vendor collaboration.

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The importance of sustainability in the wholesale and distribution industry’s supply chain

Sustainability plays a critical role in the supply chain in the wholesale and distribution industry. It's not only beneficial for the environment but also leads to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Customer Video: Prince Retail

In this video, Rina Janine Go, Chief Merchandising, Marketing, and Distribution Officer for Prince Retail, discusses how RELEX has helped them automate processes and drive forecast accuracy.

Customer Video: JJ Food Service

In this video, Managing Director Mushtaque Ahmed shares insights into JJ Food’s focus on promotions and how RELEX is helping them maximize profit and value for their customers. 

Unlocking success in the grocery supply chain: the power of AI-driven demand forecasting for wholesalers and distributors

This article explores three common challenges faced by wholesalers, and how AI can help tackle challenges.

Building a business case for wholesale supply chain technology investment

The essential guide for building a business case to drive wholesale supply chain technology investments. Read more. 

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Improving Labor Utilization Through Balanced Deliveries

In this video, we will demonstrate how to improve efficiency and resource utilization by balancing flow of goods with RELEX.

How coordinated ordering improves load optimization

Load optimization requires more than just efficient truck loading on the part of suppliers. Here’s how wholesalers and retailers can do their part with coordinated ordering.

How to improve your promotion planning and execution

This video discusses how retailers can overcome current promotion challenges with RELEX's automated planning solution.

Wholesale Supply Chain Pain: Data, Demand, and Disconnection

In this webinar, our experts discuss the pain points plaguing the wholesale market and the tactics wholesalers can use to reverse them.

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Why channel-specific wholesale forecasting is the future

Discover how channel forecasts improve wholesale forecasting accuracy to make for happier customers and better profit margins.

Promotion optimization

Promotion optimization: The complete guide to maximizing results 

The essential guide for retail promotion optimization and planning to drive efficiency and boost margins. Read more.

Customer Video: Family Dollar

In this video, Kim Ramsey, VP of Inventory Management for Family Dollar shares why they chose RELEX to integrate their forecasting and replenishment.

3 ways planning software raises grocery wholesale margins

Discover 3 game-changing ways to improve wholesale margins using an AI-powered supply chain planning platform.