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Unified pricing and promotion planning: the key to pricing precision and powerful promotions

In today's retail landscape, pricing and promotions are universally acknowledged as key merchandising levers and critical components of a successful business strategy. However, many retailers grapple with managing these areas separately, leading to inefficiencies and...

Customer Video: Leroy Merlin

Paolo Schumaniak, Head of Demand & Supply Planning at Leroy Merlin Italy, took a few minutes to explain how a centralized planning approach using RELEX is helping his team improve forecasting in the short term...

End-to-end supply chain planning for CPG

Continuous planning provides visibility into the entire supply chain. Allowing you to produce the most cost-optimized plan given supply disruptions, demand forecasts, customer contracts, and your own production constraints.

Supply chain optimization for manufacturers: It’s mathematics, not magic

This whitepaper uses common planning scenarios to explain how supply chain optimization works and why companies looking to streamline operations and maximize profits should consider switching to this technology. 

Seasonal merchandise planning: Driving sales with optimized retail space and allocation planning

Sometimes, it seems the only thing preventing retailers from pushing their winter holiday products out on the first day of October is that their display areas are still reserved for Halloween products. It makes sense...

How a planning solution helps tackle food manufacturing challenges

Demand needs versus supply realities. Production constraints versus customer obligations. Long-term planning versus short-term flexibility.

3 Keys to Mastering Promotion Planning and Optimization

The webinar discusses about why the time is now for retailers to get away from outdated promotion processes and embrace a proven path to agility, decision-making confidence, and ongoing promotion success.

Customer Video: Henderson Group

In this video, Paul McAlinden talks about their partnership with RELEX, managing disruption during the pandemic, and expanding their capabilities from wholesale to include retail.

What is price planning and why should it matter to retailers?

When a retailer’s pricing strategy is properly supported and optimized, it can help a retailer increase sales, improve margins, and gain a competitive advantage.

RELEX’s approach to space and assortment planning

Combining space and assortment planning with accurate demand forecasts and optimized replenishment has great benefits. In this video, we’ll give an overview of RELEX’s Space & Assortment Solutions.

Staying Competitive in Food Retail: Best Practices for Fresh Management

In this webinar, RELEX experts discuss on how to achieve successful fresh management, and how to help your store operatives become more efficient and less stressed.

Reducing spoilage holistically and the importance of sustainability in supply chain 

A holistic approach to sustainability throughout the supply chain allows businesses to create long-term value, waste less, and save more.

Staying competitive in grocery retail: The state of the industry

In the fourth quarter of 2022, RELEX Solutions partnered with Elastic Solutions to conduct a survey-based research study of North American retailers, including supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, and specialty foods.

Winning the food fight: Best practices for managing the retail grocery supply chain 

This best practice guide highlights the key approaches for increasing responsiveness and efficiency in grocery retail supply chains.

Increasing Online Profitability Through Strategic Fulfillment  – Incisiv 2023 Report

Incisiv conducted research to understand how U.S. grocers view the current opportunity and challenges in managing their digital fulfillment.

Fresh and center store inventory management: The need for a dual approach

Find out how retailers can address both fresh and center store product management needs to remain competitive in the grocery space.

How to improve customer-centricity with in-store assortment collaboration

While many retailers widely use category insight data such as product performance, area demographics, and demand patterns to produce more customer-focused assortments, they fail to leverage the knowledge of those closest to the customer –...

How to embrace AI-powered workforce management to cope with employee turnover in retail

This article explores three significant challenges employee turnover poses and how retailers can address them effectively.

The window of freshness is vanishingly small. Fresh packaged food manufacturers must dream bigger about forecasting

Discover how fresh packaged foods manufacturers can use high-accuracy demand forecasting to achieve optimal freshness.

Customer Video: Plantagen

Plantagen shares their success with their recent expansion with RELEX to streamline their ordering and replenishment and drive efficiency for store teams. 

Open box in the middle of a store aisle

Unlock profitability with replenishment optimization

The efficiency of a business’s store replenishment operation has a major impact on profitability. Yet, it's often overshadowed by higher profile activities such as buying, merchandising and marketing.

How Successful Retail Execution Can Optimize Store Efficiency

Frontline teams cope with heavy workloads, burnout, and turnover in today's workforce, making store operations optimization crucial, especially for fresh products, to alleviate constraints and improve efficiency.

Clustered berries

Store clustering: 5 pitfalls and how to avoid them

Retailers are looking at their merchandising strategies to cluster stores more precisely in order to understand demand at a more granular level.

Top 3 challenges for consumer electronics retailers

The growth of omnichannel retail has provided consumers with more options than ever to purchase goods. This brings new challenges for consumer electronics retailers when managing their inventory and supply chains.