End-to-end inventory planning software

Optimize your inventory across the entire supply chain

RELEX end-to-end inventory planning software automates, streamlines, and simplifies complex inventory optimization processes to drive 99+% availability with less stock, allowing better control of your supply chain.

Increase stock availability and turnover with RELEX inventory planning software


inventory reduction




fewer stockouts during promotions


reduction in food waste

Better customer service with lower costs

Align your end-to-end supply chain planning with a shared view of omnichannel customer demand that delivers advanced insights into your predicted daily and monthly inventory requirements. This allows quick and cost-effective responses to disruptions and changes in demand or supply.

Key features

End-to-end inventory planning software


Better customer service with lower costs

RELEX AI-driven demand forecasting and multi-echelon inventory optimization helps improve customer satisfaction, frees up working capital, and drives down supply chain costs.

Integrated end-to-end-inventory planning

Leverage AI-driven forecasting and digital twin modeling to predict customer demand in each channel, anticipate inventory requirements across your end-to-end supply chain, and improve supplier visibility to secure your supply.

Optimize replenishment planning

Automate and optimize replenishment based on service level targets, forecasted demand, lead times, available order batch sizes, handling costs, risk of obsolescence, supplier order restrictions, and the need to fill trucks or containers.

Automate your inventory rebalancing

When faced with mismatched demand and supply, make the most of available inventory, maximize sales, and minimize cost through autonomous inventory rebalancing that can allocate scarce supply, trigger force-outs, or apply pick-to-zero tactics as needed.

Optimize omnichannel availability

Gain insight into demand across sales and fulfillment channels, segment supply chain planning for maximum profitability, and apply “virtual ringfencing” to improve online availability and optimally ramp inventory up and down in each channel.

Level goods flows for better capacity utilization

Use AI to level out inbound and outbound goods flows and lower the risk of capacity bottlenecks, secure reliable throughput, and reach better capacity utilization while maintaining high product availability across all channels.

Respond in real-time

Automatically monitor your inventory levels and outbound orders in near real time and respond quickly to unexpected demand by triggering supplementary orders to your suppliers the same day.

Illustration of laptop and play button

The art and science of markdowns: Collaborative merchandising and inventory planning

Retailers can bridge the gaps between their supply chain and merchandising teams using shared forecasts to improve markdown performance.

“We work with RELEX because it automates our goods procurement and reduces spoilage through their innovative application of AI and machine learning.”

Nicolas Soussan
Chief Logistics Officer, Migros Online

“The integrated system allows the buyers to base the central warehouse forecasts on the stores’ replenishment needs. This is really useful and makes controlling the turbulent environment a lot easier.”

Matti Salmi
Purchasing Director, Musti Group Nordic

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