Pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers

Unified supply chain for pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers 

With RELEX, pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers can unify planning across their supply chain processes through inventory optimization and replenishment automation while meeting complex government, supplier, and retailer regulations and requirements.

Impressive results from our customers


increase in productivity


reduction in lost sales 


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Address your biggest pharmaceutical distribution challenges

RELEX helps pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers address challenges across the supply chain, from high inventory costs and low service levels to shifting models and regulations. 

Fluctuating demand patterns 

Pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers serve a diverse customer base, which means they must be able to respond quickly to changes in order volumes, frequency, and demand. 

An unstable supply chain 

Inventory decisions can be significantly impacted by both suppliers and retailers, making it difficult to anticipate stock levels and assortments. 

Balancing availability with inventory costs

Pharmaceutical distributors must meet government regulations requiring them to maintain high stock and service levels for health and safety needs — which can carry significant costs.

Complex substitutions 

Pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers must manage complex substitution requirements resulting from pricing shifts and regulations that drive changes to healthcare and insurance providers’ preferred drugs. 

Optimize wholesale supply chain processes

Gain tangible benefits with an adaptable, scalable, unified solution from RELEX.

 Impressive results from pharmaceutical distributors 

“With RELEX, we have a future-proof platform that enables us to provide significantly improved customer service through more accurate deliveries, fewer out-of-stock situations, and more insight into the logic behind their deliveries. The RELEX system helps us support our pharmacy customers with a higher level of service more efficiently.”

Per Hansen
Logistics Director at Nomeco 

Case study: Nomeco

Nomeco, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, significantly reduced their manual process and streamlined operations with end-to-end supplychain optimization.

“We were won over to the RELEX solution because it is highly flexible, highly customizable and is remarkably straightforward to use. We can now make adjustments to processes ourselves, easily and quickly.”

Markus Handschin
Project Manager SCM at Galexis 

Pharmacy store

Case study: Galexis

The Swiss pharmaceutical wholesale dealer, implemented RELEX to increase automation, maintain availability at close to 100%, and at the same time lower inventory.

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