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Markdown pricing
and clearance optimization solution

RELEX’s markdown pricing and clearance optimization software makes markdowns and clearance easy, allowing you to target the right products at the right time and right price, expedite your inventory turnover, and improve margins while cutting costs.

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Proactively identify markdown and clearance needs

and generate optimal prices

Whether you’re managing seasonal, promotional, or end-of-lifecycle products, RELEX’s AI-driven clearance and markdown optimization software allows for proactive decision making.


Optimize for your goals

Optimize clearance and markdown according to any strategy and gain visibility into the projected impacts, whether your goal is to clear out inventory, improve service, or maximize margins.


Identify appropriate products timely for clearance and markdown

Proactively identify products for clearance and markdown. Set timely, optimized discounts based on desired outcome, reducing the risk of excess stock, whether at season end or lifecycle end.


Automate clearance and markdown execution

Add automation to prepare your business for future growth and eliminate manual clearance and markdown tasks such as product identification and allocation from DC to stores.


Focus on exceptions to drive value

Systematically and automatically identify exceptions, such as fluctuating sales performance or high risk products that need a strategic human touch, freeing your experts to focus on high value tasks.


Streamline assortment changes

Take advantage of optimized clearance and markdown processes to sell through inventory ahead of planned assortment changes, allowing new planograms and assortments to flow smoothly into stores.


Collaborate and communicate

Facilitate cross-functional collaboration through shared forecasts and data points, allowing inventory planning, merchandising, and store teams to provide real-time feedback and streamline processes.

Impactful results

inventory turnover increase
spoilage reduction
clearance workload decrease

“RELEX’s markdown solution has made the store process for assortment changes much more efficient and has maximized our profit when phasing out items.”

Thomas Berglund, CIO Coop Värmland
Highlighted features

Markdown pricing and clearance optimization software

Retail tech illustration
Warehouse data
Screenshot of executing targeted markdowns
AI-driven clearance and markdown optimization

Use AI to identify optimal markdowns based on price elasticity and the amount of stock to be cleared.

Retail tech illustration
Leverage your supply chain data

Take advantage of accurate demand forecasts and near-real-time inventory data from the RELEX’s supply chain & retail planning platform to proactively identify upcoming clearance and markdown needs.

Warehouse data
Execute targeted clearance and markdown

Execute clearance and markdown on any segment, timeline, product range or category, geographic region, or even individual store location.

Screenshot of executing targeted markdowns
Align with your pricing strategy

RELEX’s clearance and markdown software allows for easy configuration of price grids and rounding rules to ensure that all clearance recommendations fit your pricing strategy.


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