Our solutions for supply chain & retail planning

Take your supply chain and retail planning to the next level. Our market-leading, unified supply chain and retail planning platform helps retailers and consumer goods companies align and optimize demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain.

Demand planning

Demand planning

RELEX demand planning increases forecast accuracy, elevates efficiency through automating manual processes, and allows improved planning processes.

Supply chain planning

Distribution planning

Gain complete visibility into your distribution network to make smarter, proactive decisions aligned with your broader business objectives and customer service goals.

End-to-end inventory planning

RELEX end-to-end inventory planning software automates, streamlines, and simplifies complex inventory optimization processes to drive 99+% availability with less stock.

Fresh inventory

Improve the sustainability of your fresh retail supply chain by cutting food waste while reaping the benefits of maximized freshness, higher sales, and minimized markdowns.

Network balancing

Rectify imbalances in your increasingly complex distribution network to minimize risks, reduce costs, and maximize service levels.

Channel planning

Improve availability and reduce fulfillment costs with our AI-driven omnichannel supply chain and inventory optimization software.

Production planning

Create optimized production plans from up-to-date forecasts to strike a balance between minimal operational costs and maximal flexibility while considering production restrictions, material constraints, and business priorities.

Production scheduling

Reduce changeover times and bolster manufacturing efficiency with optimized production schedules that consider each of your production site’s unique constraints.

Purchase planning

Conquer supply-side chaos with end-to-end visibility designed to pinpoint the most efficient and profitable way to fulfill your demand plans and customer obligations.

Supply chain collaboration

Leverage our supply chain collaboration software for information sharing and collaborative planning to improve visibility and alignment across your entire supply network.


Assortment planning

Improve customer choice and store profitability with RELEX rapid and flexible assortment planning software.

Retail floor planning

RELEX retail floor planning software provides a unified approach to store planning, category management, and store operations for an improved shopping experience.

Seasonal planning

RELEX seasonal planning software makes markdowns and clearance easy. Target the right products at the right time and right price.

Planogram optimization

Accurate planogram software helps avoid stockouts and lost sales while reducing excess stock and decreasing waste

Price optimization

RELEX price optimization software helps retailers craft pricing strategies aligned with business goals, so retailers can make informed pricing decisions to increase sales and margins.

Promotion planning

Identify which campaigns to start, stop, and adjust, then determine which combination of price, tactics, and features will generate the best results.


Store execution

Increase transparency and engagement with a store execution software that drives timely, efficient collaboration between store staff and central teams.

Workload forecasting

With RELEX, you can leverage AI-powered forecasting to gain visibility into common workload drivers, allowing you to more accurately plan for your future staffing needs.

S&OE and S&OP

Align your capacity, resources, and inventory with your sales plan. Manage seasons, promotions, and range changes, all while proactively resolving exceptions.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Align your demand, supply, budget, and business targets towards one common goal, maximizing overall business performance and profitability.

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