Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Achieve your business goals with Integrated Business Planning

Align your demand, supply, budget, and business targets towards one common goal, maximizing overall business performance and profitability. As your operational complexity deepens, RELEX simplifies cross-functional collaboration and creates effective, adaptive responses to market changes, customer demands, and supply chain variations.

Align on one unified platform

Take the next step in business planning — align your top-down strategic business planning and operational supply chain planning together on one unified platform. RELEX combines our world-class forecasting and planning granularity with high-level financial planning so sales and marketing, supply chain, and finance stakeholders can align using one set of data for collaborative planning and decision-making.

Key features

Integrated Business Planning software


Reduce planning silos with one set of relevant data

RELEX IBP combines the granular, detailed optimization of the supply chain with financial planning and profit optimization on one unified platform, to help companies with even the most complex planning, improve business performance and profitability.

Enhance collaboration across your operations

Decision making can be slow with siloed and unconnected planning across separate teams, and in different systems. RELEX enables easier collaboration by providing a unified view of demand and supply, combining a global demand plan, promotions, new products and assortment changes with supply capacities, constraints, and inventories.

Proven experience with food production complexities

RELEX has proven experience with its demand forecasting capabilities and understanding the intricacies of manufacturing and food production processes. Combine the leading forecasting and replenishment tool with RELEX production optimization capabilities to conquer all business planning needs.

One source of truth for all stakeholders

Use RELEX to reduce planning silos and decision latency with the most up-to-date, accurate data. RELEX IBP provides a single source of truth for all stakeholders; one relevant data set for your teams to access, allowing consensus building, agility and collaboration across finance, sales & marketing and operations planning.

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Acknowledging the imperative to harness their scale and facilitate sustained growth, Finsbury prioritized enhanced supply chain visibility and seamless integration of future acquisitions as they sought a new supply chain planning solution.

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