Purchase planning software

Anticipate change.
Buy smarter.

Conquer supply-side chaos with end-to-end visibility designed to pinpoint the most efficient and profitable way to fulfill your demand plans and customer obligations.

Use data-driven models and machine learning
to optimize sourcing and purchasing decisions

Think ahead to stay ahead

Material shortages and transportation troubles make supply planning a headache in itself. Standalone planning spreadsheets only make matters worse, creating information silos that hamper communication and efficiency.

Sidestep visibility issues and optimize supply processes with RELEX supply planning software. Use machine learning-trained models to:

  • Develop optimal supplier strategies and supplier mixes.
  • Ensure purchasing decisions comply with supplier contracts and account for supply variations.
  • Synchronize procurement with production and distribution planning.
  • Simulate and understand the upstream and downstream impacts of potential business decisions with powerful “what-if” scenario analysis.

Key features

Purchase planning features that help your business thrive


Optimized sourcing and dynamic purchase decisions


Total supply chain visibility with one connected solution


Automated and optimal inbound stock management


Robust, granular analytics

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