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Customer video: Sprouts

Aug 8, 2022 2 min

Sprouts Farmers Market is a $5B+ US supermarket chain offering a wide selection of natural and organic foods, vitamins and supplements, and natural body care and household items. Since 2021, RELEX has provided Sprouts with supply chain planning optimization including forecasting and replenishment, promotion forecasting, allocation, fresh optimization, and forecast sharing for more than 360 stores and seven DCs across 23 states. Sprouts also recently added planogram and floor planning to their portfolio of RELEX Solutions. 

Sprouts’ Sabrina Valdez-Lamp, Senior Director of Non-Perishable Replenishment, and Joe Hurley, SVP Supply Chain, took time out at RELEX Live 2022 to share how automation has helped them reduce manual tasks for their teams, the benefits of their strong, transparent relationship with RELEX, and what they are looking forward to in the future. 

Video transcript 

Sabrina Valdez-Lamp: Hi, my name is Sabrina Valdez-Lamp, and I’m the Senior Director of non-perishable replenishment at Sprouts.  

Joe Hurley: Hi, my name is Joe Hurley with Sprouts Farmers Market, and I’m the Senior VP of supply chain.  

So, look, we’re very transparent with RELEX. They’re very transparent with us. We enjoy working with the team where we can just put things on the table and get a response and come together with some kind of conclusion or some kind of next steps.  

So, there are always challenges. If I wouldn’t say there weren’t challenges, I’d be standing in front of the camera here lying to you, and I’m not going to do that. So, it’s really good to have that transparent relationship where we could pick up the phone and get some answers or work toward a solution.  

I’ve been with Sprouts for about three years, and we have a lot of Excel and a lot of manual processes, and we want to really leverage RELEX and optimize and have folks do more value-added work versus punching in Excel and different areas.  

Sabrina Valdez-Lamp: We’re excited to see the roadmap. So, I’ve heard that there’s a roadmap of all the different solutions, and we’re excited to see how that might even increase our relationship with RELEX.