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Prescription for Pharmacy Supply Chain Planning: Diagnosing the Challenges for Pharmacy Retail and How Advanced Technology Can Solve Them at a Regional Level

In this whitepaper, you can deep dive into pharmacy retail's unique challenges and explore how advanced technology can solve them at a regional level.

Customer Video: Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a US-based e-commerce grocery retailer that has partnered with RELEX since 2020. In this video, Amy Maros sat down with us to share about their most recent project with RELEX.

Unified Retail Planning Demo

What does unified retail planning look like in practice? This demo video showcases the interplay between supply chain, merchandising, and workforce when planning Valentine's Day promotion.

Convenience Stores Need to Automate or Get Left Behind

To stay competitive, C-stores need a system that uses a single source of data to inform decisions about operational tasks while solving challenges related to staff, space, and inventory management.

Customer Video: Sprouts

Hear about the experience of Sprouts when partnering with RELEX and how an end-to-end supply chain solution has helped Sprouts improve their productivity and add value to the business.

Season's changing

More Efficient Seasonal Inventory Management

Seasonal inventory management is not easy. However, there are many companies who have managed to turn it from a problem into an opportunity.

The Benefits of Optimizing your Store Replenishment Process

The efficiency of a business’s store replenishment operation has a major impact on profitability. Yet, it's often overshadowed by higher profile activities such as buying, merchandising and marketing.

How Data Best Practices Can Improve Inventory Management and Forecast Accuracy 

Accurate inventory data is vital to optimal inventory management for every retailer. This blog spots four common causes of inventory data inaccuracies retailers should avoid.

Drug Inventory Management (Part 2): Handling Substitutions and Generic Medications

To ensure they can meet ongoing demand without pause and offer exceptional customer service, pharmacies need a system that can automatically adjust replenishment orders to account for substitutions.

Retailers and suppliers need to prioritize collaboration now

When suppliers and retailers prioritize collaboration, they can improve their critical relationships at the ground level, support better planning across the supply chain, and prevent disruption.

Pharmaceutical Distribution: Managing Availability Requirements and Product Shifts with Agility

Pharmaceutical distributors face challenges with managing a wide array of prescription, OTC products, and substitutions. With advanced technology, pharmacies can handle the complex balancing act between suppliers and retailers.

Customer Video: Baby Bunting

Sarah Serle, General Manager of Merchandise, and Matt Rodda, CIO for Baby Bunting, share the challenges they faced with siloed and manual ordering processes, and the positive benefits they have seen since implementation.

How to Achieve Effective Supply Chain Collaboration: What Retailers and CPGs Need to Know

Both retailers and CPG companies need effective collaboration strategies to mitigate supply chain risks and adapt quickly to changes in the market.

Cracking the Bullwhip: Taming Supply Chain Disruptions

In this webinar, RELEX CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen addresses the current state of global supply chain dysfunction and shares best practices for tackling supply chain issues in 2022.

Mastering the Top 4 Supply Chain Challenges in DIY Retail

DIY retail can be extremely challenging–from low margins to the scale and complexity of the DIY assortment. Luckily, the right combination of technology and approach can help retailers address these challenges effectively.

ReThink Retail’s NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: RELEX

In this video, Susan Boyme, VP of Strategic Accounts for RELEX, shines a light on retailers’ concerns about supply chain disruptions and labor shortages and shares how RELEX supports retailers in overcoming these challenges.

Customer Video: Costa Express

Hear why Costa Express implemented RELEX and what positive impacts an end-to-end supply chain has had on Costa's forecast accuracy and availability.

Five Good Habits That Make for Better Supermarket Inventory Management

There are few challenges in retail tougher than managing grocery retail supply chains; optimizing a broad inventory that includes fresh and short shelf-life products is not easy.

NRF 2022 Big Ideas Session: JOKR

Learn how JOKR is transforming its retail planning for increased efficiency, reduced inventory, and better product availability.

The Fundamentals of Business Case Development for Supply Chain Planning Technology Investment

This guide demonstrates best practices for building a business case for supply chain technology investment and puts perspective on primary considerations when working with ROI calculations.

Collaboration Is Key for Successful Supplier-Retailer Relationships

Through proactive, collaborative sharing of forecasts and other data, retailers and suppliers can align their business objectives, provide visibility into future needs, and streamline end-to-end processes.

Retailers Don’t Have to Choose Between Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

To remain competitive, retailers must make all channels not just viable but profitable while offering high-quality services and features to support customer needs.

New Supply Chain Technology Enables Retailers to Reduce Food Waste

By investing in modern supply chain planning and optimization technology, grocery retailers can improve their profitability and their sustainability at the same time.

Customer Voice: How ICA Sweden Shares Order Forecasts with Suppliers to Improve Collaboration, Increase Availability, and Reduce Waste

In this customer voice blog, Andreas Persson, Head of Replenishment at ICA Sweden, discusses the excellent results the company has achieved by sharing order forecasts with suppliers.