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3 ways planning software raises grocery wholesale margins

Discover 3 game-changing ways to improve wholesale margins using an AI-powered supply chain planning platform.

Various wholesale goods on conveyor belts are sorted into optimized groups by supply chain planning software.

Wholesale supply chain optimization: Benefits, challenges, & tips  

Discover how wholesalers can tackle challenges and improve wholesale supply chain efficiency to increase margins.

How to improve fresh inventory management through unified central planning and store execution

Retailers that deal with fresh products can leverage benefits from unifying their central supply chain planning and in-field store operations to improve management of their fresh inventory.

3 hurdles to super supplier collaboration — & how to clear them

Retailer and supplier collaboration is critical for an optimized supply chain. Find out how suppliers can overcome collaborative challenges.

Decoding Supply Chain Disconnection: Examining Supplier and Retailer Relationships

The webinar focuses on the benefits of collaboration and the roadblocks that both vendors and retailers are finding as they attempt to establish communication to improve outcomes and better support end consumers.

How to maintain control of demand in the consumer goods supply chain

This video explains how RELEX helps consumer goods companies meet the changing demand and get more visibility into their sales channels.

Operational efficiency is the key to success in 2023

In this blog, the author delves into the key considerations for retailers and consumer goods companies to overcome the inflation crisis by optimizing their supply chain operations.

NRF 2023 Big Ideas Session: ADUSA

In this video, a panel of guests from ADUSA explores how the grocery retail group is leveraging people and technology to deploy agility, flexibility, and precision in its end-to-end supply chain.

Trucks on a road

How to Balance Global and Local Sourcing for Maximum Profit

What's the optimal balance between short- and long-distance procurement? Find out how to compare and combine the two worlds.

3 fundamentals to maintain control of demand in the consumer goods supply chain

While many are adding new products to their ranges that appeal to price-conscious shoppers or slimming down packaging to reduce costs, it’s important they also have 3 fundamentals in place to maintain control of demand.

Customer Video: Pharmacity

In this video, David Young, Pharmacity’s Deputy CEO, shares why they selected RELEX to help them on their supply chain transformation journey and the benefits they’ve seen so far. 

Customer Video: Family Farm & Home

Nick Bowne, Family Farm & Home’s Merchandising Support Coordinator, shared some of the highlights of working with RELEX and the advantages of unifying space and replenishment planning.

Customer Video: Imtron

Selin Virit, Expert Business Planning & Analysis at Imtron GmbH, shared some insight into the optimization of forecasting and replenishment planning with RELEX and the interaction between suppliers and retail.

Digitizing the Retail Supply Chain: How Pharmacity is Scaling up for Growth

The webinar discusses in-depth ways to anticipate product demand, optimize inventory management, and build supply chain visibility that are necessary for retailers to scale in a hypergrowth environment.

Seasonal Inventory Management – Planning for Halloween

It’s that time of year again – Halloween, a season when retailers promote everything from candy and pumpkins to costumes and decorations. While the season’s theme may be scary, Halloween shouldn’t frighten retailers.

Prescription for pharmaceutical distribution: Keeping the balance between availability and speed of service with shifting models and regulations

This whitepaper explores the challenges faced by today's pharmaceutical distributors and best practices for overcoming them.

Prescription for pharmacy supply chain planning: Diagnosing pharmacy retail challenges and how advanced technology can solve them

In this whitepaper, you can deep dive into pharmacy retail's unique challenges and explore how advanced technology can solve them at a regional level.

Empower store staff with RELEX On-the-Go 

In this demo video, we’ll take you through three practical use cases that demonstrate how RELEX helps improve the efficiency of store operations.

Customer Video: Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a US-based e-commerce grocery retailer that has partnered with RELEX since 2020. In this video, Amy Maros sat down with us to share about their most recent project with RELEX.

Unified Retail Planning Demo

What does unified retail planning look like in practice? This demo video showcases the interplay between supply chain, merchandising, and workforce when planning Valentine's Day promotion.

Convenience Stores Need to Automate or Get Left Behind

To stay competitive, C-stores need a system that uses a single source of data to inform decisions about operational tasks while solving challenges related to staff, space, and inventory management.

How to Turn Local Teams into Highly Accurate Fresh Replenishment Experts: Using Technology to Augment Local Knowledge

US-based grocery retailers who combine the use of AI with their human experts see the benefits of a fully optimized fresh assortment – with more sales and less waste

Customer Video: Sprouts

Hear about the experience of Sprouts when partnering with RELEX and how an end-to-end supply chain solution has helped Sprouts improve their productivity and add value to the business.

Season's changing

More Efficient Seasonal Inventory Management

Seasonal inventory management is not easy. However, there are many companies who have managed to turn it from a problem into an opportunity.