Decoding RELEX: The Scott Curtiss Adventure  

Feb 7, 2024 3 min

Scott Curtiss, the man behind RELEX’s success in the world of Field Presales, isn’t just about business. Living in rural Staffordshire, he’s renovating an old house, showcasing his problem-solving skills beyond the boardroom. When he’s not at RELEX, Scott enjoys football, golf, and the wisdom from podcasts and audiobooks. 

I worked both on a farm and in a large supermarket.

Scott’s journey at RELEX is a boomerang tale, a second stint filled with diverse experiences. From managing a supermarket with a £1M per week turnover to consulting in North Carolina, Scott’s path led him back to RELEX in 2021 after the first stunt in 2016 during the acquisition of Galleria. His return marked a shift to Retail F&R, witnessing a company with over four times the revenue and double the employees. 

Role and Responsibilities at RELEX

As the Head of Field Presales for CPG, Scott wears many hats. He’s the advisor, consultant, and face of RELEX’s technology during sales. From product demos to AI panels, Scott’s role involves a mix of tasks. Recently, he’s taken on more leadership, coaching and upskilling colleagues as RELEX expands its CPG capabilities. 

Collaboration is the name of the game. Working with sales, presales analytics, product, product marketing, and marketing, Scott ensures a seamless flow of information, expertise, and successful sales cases. 

Work Challenges and Achievements

Adaptability is key in Scott’s world. Dealing with different people, countries, and industries demands readiness for the unexpected. Scott acknowledges that buying and selling enterprise software isn’t easy, and it’s the talented team at RELEX that makes the difference. 

The biggest challenge, and the biggest quality needed for this type of role, is the need to be adaptable.

Proud moments include the CPG business unit’s overperformance in 2023 and the relationships built during successful sales cases. Scott’s adaptability shines in overcoming challenges and celebrating achievements. 

Contribution to Company Values and Goals 

For Scott, his role is about representing RELEX’s values to prospective customers. Building relationships during the sales phase is not just about selling a product; it’s about forming mutually beneficial partnerships. Scott sees his work as a positive impact on the company’s values and goals. 

Career Progression and Well-being: RELEX has been instrumental in Scott’s career growth through freedom and flexibility. In a go-to-market function, trying things, discovering strengths, and embracing opportunities define the journey. The company’s approach allows Scott to navigate and shape his career. 

Favorite Aspect of RELEX

Choosing a favorite RELEX aspect is tough for Scott, but he resonates with the concept of “commander’s intent.” Knowing the company values guides him in every scenario, offering a sense of direction without a playbook. 

Working at RELEX, I don’t need to have a guide or a playbook or a memo to tell me what to do in every scenario.

Fun Story

Picture this: meeting your future boss neck-deep in a lake in the woods during a company party in Finland. A classic RELEX way to break the ice and set the tone for a unique journey. 

In this immersive journey with Scott Curtiss, RELEX not only shines as a workplace but also as a dynamic environment fostering growth, adaptability, and unforgettable moments.

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