Discovering Growth and Embracing Change

Sep 1, 2023 3 min

At RELEX, we take immense pride in our team members’ accomplishments and their remarkable journeys within the company. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Matleena Boral, a shining example of adaptability, ambition, and personal growth. Matleena’s story is one of pursuing dreams, defying self-doubt, and transitioning into new roles with unwavering support from the RELEX family.

A Peek into Matleena’s World Outside of Work

Matleena’s journey begins with a glimpse into her life outside of work. A devoted partner and a loving parent, Matleena treasures moments spent with her international family. Having spent a decade abroad, she’s cultivated a unique adaptability that resonates through her life’s various facets. Her passion for nurturing plants is equally fascinating, with her collection gracing windowsills and breathing life into her living space.

Embarking on a RELEX Adventure

Matleena’s journey with RELEX began in 2019 when she joined us as a Junior Office Assistant. Drawn to our company’s vision and culture, she took the leap and quickly grew within various roles, including Office Assistant, Coordinator, and Specialist. Her experience in diverse functions laid the foundation for her eventual transition to the Technical Services team.

The Driving Force Behind Change

The catalyst for Matleena’s transition was her introspective journey of self-discovery. As she pursued studies in Business IT, her confidence in pursuing her passion for technology blossomed. Supported by those who believed in her and the fostering environment at RELEX, Matleena embarked on her new path as a Technical Service Analyst.

From Coordination to Technical Expertise

Matleena’s previous role as an Office Coordinator was a dynamic and people-oriented one. From office management to events coordination, she thrived in connecting with individuals and solving challenges. In contrast, her role as a Technical Service Analyst is technically driven, where her focus is on understanding and working with RELEX’s products and customer environments. The common thread? Problem-solving and creating happiness—be it for employees or customers.

Navigating New Challenges

Transitioning into her new role brought its own set of challenges. Matleena embraced the task of learning about new products and technologies, all while leveraging her experience at RELEX. Her determination to embrace the learning curve underscores her commitment to personal growth.

Lessons from the Past

Matleena’s tenure as an Office Coordinator armed her with valuable skills—communication, adaptability, and the art of connecting with people from different walks of life. These skills are seamlessly transferrable to her current role, where she may not have face-to-face interactions but can rely on her people skills to create lasting customer relationships.

Future Endeavors and Growth

Matleena’s journey signifies her belief in continuous learning. Her newfound role allows her to deepen her expertise in a supportive environment that values growth. Her story inspires us all to push boundaries and evolve in our careers.

Balancing Work and Life

Matleena’s secret to maintaining work-life balance? She prioritizes self-care and sets boundaries. Stepping outside to breathe in fresh air, disconnecting after work hours, and embracing a healthy work-life balance are key to her success.

Advice for Aspiring Career Changers

Matleena’s advice for those considering a significant career change within their current company: embrace the unknown. Entering a new role, whether externally or within the same company, requires humility and a willingness to learn. Embrace this journey—it’s a stepping stone to growth.

The Fun Side of Matleena

Beyond her professional journey, Matleena has a creative side too. An aspiring artist, she enjoys drawing and has embarked on a culinary-inspired project—an evolving “wall of carbs” adorned with her sketches of delectable delights like croissants and baguettes.

Matleena’s journey at RELEX reflects the heart of our company—a commitment to nurturing individual growth and embracing change. We’re proud to have her as a part of our team, and her story serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that unfold when one follows their dreams. As we cheer for Matleena’s present accomplishments and future endeavors, we’re reminded that at RELEX, every journey is celebrated, every transition is supported, and every success story is cherished.