Discovering the Tech Odyssey: From Chemical Engineering to Leading at RELEX 

Aug 10, 2023 3 min

Meet Antti Räisänen, the driving force behind the scenes at RELEX, where technology meets innovation. With a passion for science and tech, Antti’s journey into the tech industry might be considered atypical, transitioning from chemical engineering to IT. Now, with 6 years of experience as a Lead Software Developer, he orchestrates one of RELEX’s development teams while lending his expertise to technical matters. But there’s more to Antti than just coding lines; his interests span climbing, gym workouts, dancing, and music – a true embodiment of a versatile and dynamic individual. 

Antti’s dual role demands a versatile set of skills. While his days involve coding, reviews, and design as a developer, he also dons the hat of a team leader, ensuring the team’s seamless operation and member satisfaction. This dual role also necessitates effective communication and collaboration. Antti’s secret? Fostering an environment where every opinion matters, catering to diverse personality types and promoting open discussions.

In the whirlwind of tech, Antti finds fulfillment in tangible impacts. His team’s work on machine learning algorithms for demand forecasting has led to impressive results, preventing substantial food waste and contributing to carbon neutrality. The heart of his joy, however, lies in bonding with his colleagues. From coffee machine chats to summer party karaoke, RELEX’s culture of fun is the real catalyst for Antti’s enthusiasm. 

It’s important for me that my work has a positive effect on the planet, or society.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Antti faces the challenges head-on, as the tech industry is a perpetually evolving landscape. With AI and ML evolving at lightning speed, staying ahead of the competition demands innovation and the ability to navigate uncharted territories. Antti’s approach? Relying on his team’s collective expertise and believing in their capabilities. At RELEX, we have a number of teams with different expertise areas and hundreds of experts that collectively contribute to the company’s knowledge base. 

When asked about the RELEX work environment, Antti’s eyes light up. The laid-back atmosphere, combined with a commitment to work-life balance, makes every day a pleasure. Stress takes a back seat, thanks to RELEX’s realistic expectations and focus on well-being. No wonder his favorite RELEX value is “Life is supposed to be fun,” a sentiment that aligns perfectly with the company’s culture. 

In Antti’s world, work isn’t just about lines of code – it’s about making a difference. His role in product development affects customer value significantly. By refining forecasting accuracy and accommodating complex modeling needs, he directly impacts customer success. Fewer out-of-stock products and reduced waste translate into tangible monetary and environmental benefits. 

The tech industry, while exciting, comes with challenges. Antti highlights the need for diverse expertise, especially in implementing machine learning solutions. Global situations, like political uncertainties, also affect talent acquisition. But RELEX doesn’t shy away from these challenges. Initiatives like embracing generative AI demonstrate their commitment to staying ahead. 

Antti’s quest for knowledge is fueled by RELEX’s forward-thinking approach. Dedicated time for learning keeps him updated on industry trends and innovations. From tutorials to webinars, his learning journey is an integral part of his work routine. 

Being the resident party animal, it’s maybe not a surprise that my favorite RELEX value is “Life is supposed to be fun”.

In the midst of serious tech discussions, there’s a lighter side to Antti. He’s the mastermind behind April Fools’ pranks, keeping his colleagues on their toes. And while his colleagues might know him as a prankster, they also know him as someone who’s making a tangible impact on the world. The algorithms Antti and his team craft might be lines of code, but their effects ripple across stores and operations, leaving a lasting imprint on our planet. 

So, the next time you walk past a store with well-stocked shelves or read about impressive waste reduction, remember that behind these victories are people like Antti, combining their tech-savvy skills with a passion for making a positive change. And as you marvel at the wonders of technology, let Antti’s journey remind you that sometimes, even in the world of codes and algorithms, life is indeed meant to be fun.