Embracing Life, Tech, and Finnish Winters

Jul 5, 2024 3 min

Meet Pouria Abdolmaleki, a software developer who has called Helsinki home for the past five years. Originally from Iran, Pouria’s journey to Finland is as fascinating as his diverse interests. From cycling through the city to mastering winter sports, Pouria’s life is a blend of adventure, passion, and technology. 

Pouria’s love for bicycles is evident. “I’m passionate about bicycles, commuting, and day-to-day riding,” he shares. Whether it’s a long-distance ride or a mountain biking adventure in the woods, he’s always up for it. His enthusiasm for the outdoors doesn’t stop there. Hiking, walking in the city or nature, saunaing, and swimming are just a few of the activities that keep him busy. This winter, he even took up snowboarding and cross-country skiing, a hobby that has him daydreaming about the next snowy day. 

But it’s not all about sports for Pouria. He’s also dedicated to learning the Finnish language, aiming to engage more deeply with his colleagues and the local culture. “I spend a fair amount of time learning the Finnish language. I would like to be able to go to Finnish language events, understand my colleagues, and be able to have lunchtime conversations with them at some point,” he explains. 

Pouria’s journey into the world of technology began in his childhood. Fascinated by computers, he pursued a degree in Software Engineering in Iran. His career took off when he joined a friend’s startup, creating innovative websites and web tools. This experience led him to a senior developer role, where he tackled challenges like software performance and scalability. 

Seeking international opportunities, Pouria set his sights on Finland. “I looked at Finland’s job market because I had friends working here, and they liked it. I applied to a few companies, including RELEX,” he recalls. The relocation package and support from RELEX made his transition smooth, and he’s been thriving ever since. 

At RELEX, Pouria has worn many hats. As a team lead, he enjoyed helping his team members grow and develop. “One-on-one meetings have been my favorite, to get a chance to hear and know my teammates, and develop a close connection with them,” he says. Recently, he transitioned back to a technical role, where he focuses on leading projects and advocating for teamwork and pair programming. 

Collaboration is key in Pouria’s work. He often works with sister teams in the RELEX Plan frontend group and contributes to the in-house component library, Fragments. “There are also some superstars that help everyone if you ask anything,” he adds. 

Pouria’s dedication to his work aligns perfectly with RELEX’s values. “Our team makes the user interface for one of the most customer-facing services. It’s important that it works correctly and fast,” he explains. His commitment to the value “Customer is a friend” is evident in his approach to creating high-quality software. 

Reflecting on his time at RELEX, Pouria appreciates the opportunities for growth and the supportive environment. “RELEX gave me the opportunity and trusted me to lead a group of people. I’ve grown quite a lot in those years, in skills that were outside of my comfort zone,” he shares. The balance between work and personal life has also improved his well-being, allowing him to enjoy life more fully. 

Pouria’s favorite company value is the laid-back and humble attitude of the leadership team. “What is defined as success at RELEX is really motivating, and it generates value in the world and contributes to humanity in a positive way,” he says. 

And of course, no story about Pouria would be complete without mentioning the legendary RELEX summer parties. “The 2022 Summer party compensated for the Covid years, and it was epic!” he recalls. Despite the cold weather in Saimaa, Finland, the party was a hit, with colleagues from Lisbon humorously noting, “This Summer party is colder than any Winter we ever had.” 

Pouria Abdolmaleki’s journey is a testament, technology, and the great outdoors. His story is one of growth, to his passion for life adventure, and the joy of finding a place where he truly belongs. 

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