Employee Spotlight: Anna Kruglaia, Senior Software Developer

Nov 8, 2021 2 min

“For myself, working at RELEX is a long-term sustainable choice because here, it’s understood what it means to do challenging work. What I mean is that the work is planned and done sustainably so that the challenge doesn’t burn you out”, says Anna Kruglaia, our Senior Software Developer. 

Anna says that at least for someone switching from a more competitive working environment to RELEX, it may take a while to adjust to our way of working as she describes it: slow and steady.

Different approach to making results

“At RELEX, we have quite a different approach to making results: we strive for long-term success. A lot is being done to support each other. We are always working for the same goal: development of our own platform”, Anna continues. 

Anna joined us 2,5 years ago, and now she is part of our frontend team developing RELEX’s Living Retail Platform. Anna says that the best thing about her job is the people. 

“My colleagues are really supportive, smart, inspiring, and relaxed. Everyone works together seamlessly, and I have never had any problems with getting help or moral support. Also, the software we are developing is huge and mature. Many people are working on the same code base, so good teamwork is also vital to us”, Anna says with a smile.

Dogs are welcome

Anna says that the culture was the first thing that aroused her interest in RELEX as a workplace. 

“I first heard about RELEX almost two years before joining the company. RELEX was presented at an employment fair for fresh graduates. The culture sounded enticing, and somewhere I wanted to be. The people and the culture turned out to be the best parts. We often also go out together with my team, and other teams as well”, Anna says.

Nowadays, Anna works remotely about four out of five days a week. Going to the office is also nice for a particular reason.

“I have a dog, which really is my main job”, Anna laughs. 

“I like the opportunity of going to the office with my dog, Woffles, who is the best boy. Everyone else at the office also seems to love him.”