Fostering Connections and Empowering New Hires: The Art of Virtual Onboarding

May 23, 2023 3 min

Join us on a captivating journey as we dive into the world of virtual onboarding through the eyes of Genny Roman, a Learning and Development Specialist at RELEX. Discover her insights, challenges, and triumphs as she spearheads the transformation of onboarding experiences for new employees. Through her dedication and innovative approach, Genny creates a virtual onboarding program that is both effective and engaging, bridging the gap between distance and connection.

Embracing the Challenge

Genny’s background as an educator equipped her with the passion and skills to create engaging learning experiences. Transitioning from the classroom to RELEX, she found herself facing the challenge of virtual onboarding. Undeterred, Genny saw an opportunity to leverage her expertise in facilitating meaningful connections and adapting content to meet learners’ needs.

The best way forward is to recognize what people bring to the table and leverage their strengths.

The Blueprint for Success

Drawing from her experience at the University of Denver, Genny crafted a blueprint for the virtual onboarding program at RELEX. She recognized the importance of interactive learning and designed activities that promoted group work, discussions, and collaboration. By incorporating gamification, she ensured that new hires actively absorbed and retained information, fostering a stress-free and enjoyable onboarding experience.

Collaboration and Support

Genny’s success was not achieved in isolation. She acknowledges the invaluable contributions of her colleagues, particularly the panelists who shared their expertise and experiences. Special recognition goes to Ian from Presales Analytics, whose dedication helped bring Genny’s ideas to life. The collaboration between teams and individuals within the organization was a testament to the power of teamwork and collective effort.

Overcoming Obstacles

Engagement and buy-in presented significant challenges in the virtual onboarding process. Genny realized that replicating the in-person networking perks was no easy task. However, she tackled these obstacles head-on by fostering connections through virtual coffee chats, micro-communities, and dedicated project time. Additionally, gathering feedback from participants allowed Genny to continuously improve the experience and provide office meetups for those in the same location.

A Blend of Technology and Human Connection

Adult learning isn’t much different from teen learning though, of course, the topics are more complex. 

Utilizing Microsoft Teams as the primary tool, Genny embraced technology to facilitate the virtual onboarding process. However, she never lost sight of the importance of human connection. By enhancing the Escape Room activity using Articulate Storyline, she ensured a balance between technology-driven experiences and personal interaction.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

The feedback from new employees who underwent the virtual onboarding experience was overwhelmingly positive. Recognizing the need for ongoing improvement, Genny made adjustments based on the feedback received. As she prepared for the next iteration, she incorporated regional relevance and fine-tuned activities to enhance engagement further.

Reflecting on the virtual onboarding experience, Genny gained valuable insights. She recognized that onboarding extended beyond administrative tasks and emphasized the significance of equipping new hires with the tools and experiences they need for success. Genny’s ongoing mission is to create interactive learning environments that empower new employees and foster long-lasting relationships.

It’ll take a few iterations of the virtual event in our different regions before we have a concrete overview of what people think/how it’s being received.

Genny’s journey showcases the transformative power of virtual onboarding when approached with creativity, collaboration, and a focus on human connection. By embracing innovative strategies and continuously seeking feedback, organizations can create engaging onboarding experiences that empower new hires, drive employee retention, and pave the way for a bright future. Let Genny’s story inspire you as you embark on your own virtual onboarding adventure.