From Linguistics to Software Development: Olga’s Journey at RELEX

Apr 27, 2023 3 min

Meet Olga Vorozheykina, a Software Developer working at RELEX. She joined RELEX four years ago, first working as a Technical Consultant, then transitioning to her current role as a Frontend Developer. In this blog post, we’ll dive into her journey at RELEX, her favorite hobbies, and what she loves about working as a software engineer.

I have a degree in linguistics and translation studies, but after some time in the translation industry, I was looking for a career change.

Olga’s educational background is in linguistics and translation studies, but after working in the translation industry, she was looking for a career change. She also has a degree in Business Information Technology, and RELEX was her first “real” job out of school. In her last year of studies, she sent her CV to RELEX and ended up getting hired.

One of the things that Olga enjoys the most about working at RELEX is the degree of flexibility and freedom the company provides. The company trusts its employees to do their jobs well and values everyone’s opinion. This kind of respect and trust means a lot to Olga.

Olga also takes pride in working for a company that solves real problems and is good at what it does. She loves going on international trips and stumbling upon clients that use RELEX’s solutions. She values the fact that RELEX is not a solution in search of a problem but a company that offers solutions that everyone needs.

When it comes to her favorite RELEX value, Olga picks “Colleague is a friend.” She values working with people who are not only great professionals but also have great personalities. She feels lucky to work in a team that is supportive, friendly, and fun.

As a Software Developer in RELEX’s Frontend team, Olga works on developing new features, fixing problems, writing tests and documentation, and reviewing her colleagues’ code to ensure quality. She enjoys learning new things, tinkering with stuff, and solving puzzles, which is why working as a software engineer is perfect for her.

One of the most challenging things about her job is working on the interface for RELEX Plan, which has a massive codebase with many ongoing developments and room for improvements. However, Olga doesn’t shy away from the challenge. She feels that she is doing work that is intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

Food type? I would probaby by a sandwich! Liked by almost everyone, multi-layered, dependable and you can take one on any adventure or just eat it in front of the TV, whatever works! 

When it comes to her favorite subjects in school, Olga was always fond of history and literature studies because they allowed her to look at human nature through stories. Her favorite hobbies include trying new activities, cooking fancy recipes, and watching scary movies. If she could combine these hobbies, she would go out to try a new activity, followed by cooking a new fancy recipe, and then sitting down for dinner while watching a scary movie.

In conclusion, Olga’s journey at RELEX is a testament to the company’s values and culture. She enjoys working for a company that provides solutions that everyone needs and trusts its employees to do their jobs well. As a software engineer, Olga enjoys learning new things, solving puzzles, and making beautiful things. She values working with great professionals who also have great personalities and feels lucky to be part of a supportive, friendly, and fun team.