Jiu-Jitsu, Poetry, and Business Peaks at RELEX

Mar 14, 2024 3 min

In the bustling world of sales, customers, and product at RELEX Solutions, there’s a standout individual who not only embraces the challenges of business development but does so with a flair that makes him a true RELEXian medalist. Meet Alex Eslick, a jiu-jitsu enthusiast and seasoned professional whose journey is as diverse as his skill set. 

Unveiling the Tapestry

Originally from the picturesque landscapes of North Dorset Alex conquered in his life peaks in Canada, New Zealand, and Colombia, Alex’s journey weaves a tapestry as vibrant and varied as the professional landscape he now navigates. An aficionado of music, a poetry performer, and a jiu-jitsu warrior, Alex’s passions reflect the dynamism he brings to both his personal and professional pursuits. 

Next big step? Winning the European Championships at Purple Belt in Rome this October. 

From Disaster Response to Business Development

“My professional career has been a bit all over the place.”

Having embarked on a quest to combat climate change through a Master’s Degree at Lund University, Alex’s professional journey took unexpected turns through disaster response, TV production, hotels, bar management, and even construction. However, the values, sustainability focus, and connection to a mission drew him into the tech sales world at RELEX. 

Alex mentioned he is especially proud of his thesis titled “How to Construct a Narrative Pathway through Climate Chaos”, which used the Jungian archetype of the flood to understand
the phenomena and how we might confront it.

The Dance of Business Development

In the realm of Business Development at RELEX, Alex is not just a player; he’s a coach too. Balancing his account list across different regions while leading a team, he is at the forefront of creating interest and opening doors for potential clients. From cold calls to team leadership, every day is a dynamic dance. 

“It’s a tough job as you
face a great deal of rejection; however, when you get someone to engage
and book a meeting, it’s a great buzz.”

Challenges, Achievements, and the Pulse of Success

Facing rejection on a daily basis is no small feat and a big part of the sales process, but for Alex, it’s part of the game. Overcoming challenges, he finds pride in his promotion to team lead and opening doors to major retailers through authentic approaches. His personal achievements reverberate in the real-world positive benefits his work brings to people and the environment. 

A Harmonious Alignment

RELEX’s values resonate deeply with Alex. Being authentic at work while contributing to positive impacts on people and the environment aligns seamlessly with his own beliefs, creating a fulfilling professional journey. 

RELEX has become a catalyst for Alex’s career progression. Rapid promotions in just 18 months reflect not only his skills but also the supportive structure and genuine care within the company. The surprise for him? Finding authenticity and kindness in a corporate environment. 

Favorite Aspect of RELEX: Where Colleagues Are Friends

For Alex, the standout aspect of RELEX is the camaraderie among colleagues. Authenticity, high-caliber colleagues, and the ability to contribute to sustainability and climate change solutions make RELEX a blessing.

Fun Fact

“I had the fortune to travel to Cape Town last June for the SAPICs conference. While I was there for five days, I never saw Table Mountain; it was covered in clouds and it rained the entire time. The locals promised me that it exists, but I have a suspicion it may be AI-generated for travel marketing purposes.”

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