Navigating Global Horizons: A Professional Expedition 

Dec 7, 2023 3 min

Today, we delve into the professional narrative of Petri Aalto-Setälä, a key figure in the dynamic landscape of RELEX. This blog will span various facets of his career, from his passion for Formula 1 to the distinctive trajectory that led him from Finland to Germany. Join us as we uncover the layers of Petri’s journey within the realm of global employer branding at RELEX.  

A Taste of Adventure

Petri’s post-2021 life has been one big adventure in Germany. Hiking trails, ski areas, wine regions – you name it, he’s explored it. It all started with a stint at RELEX that turned into a long-term stay. And, of course, Petri makes sure to stay active with running, hitting the gym, and even cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Oh, and did we mention his Formula 1 obsession? 

From Gaming to RELEX: A Unique Career Path

Petri’s journey from gaming enthusiast to Information and Service Management major at Aalto University School of Business is a tale worth telling. His tech-savvy background and diverse experiences in consulting and technology projects laid the foundation for his role at RELEX. Who knew playing games could be such a career catalyst? 

Navigating the RELEX Landscape

So, why RELEX? It was the open, honest, and relaxed vibe that drew Petri in. Five years later, he’s been everywhere within the company – from supply chain optimization to workforce optimization and space planning. Petri’s not just a Project Manager; he’s the guy ensuring the project team kicks it into high gear. 

A Day in the Life

As a Project Manager, Petri’s day is a rollercoaster of aligning priorities, managing expectations, and making sure the team conquers obstacles. Collaboration is key, and he’s the linchpin connecting sales teams, service delivery managers, and continuous service experts across the globe. 

Cracking the Code of Innovation

In a rapidly evolving retail industry, Petri and his team stay ahead by embracing change. Leveraging supply chain data in space and workforce planning is the name of the game. It’s about looking at the big picture and helping clients ride the wave of dynamic changes. 

Beyond Implementation: Building Long-Term Partnerships

For Petri, it’s not just about implementation; it’s about building long-term partnerships. Clear goals, measurable progress, and a commitment to saying “no” when needed to ensure clients get tangible value from RELEX Plan. 

Leading with Passion

Leading a team of brilliant minds, Petri’s approach is simple: deliver quality solutions, grow professionally, and have a blast doing it. Responsibility is shared, ideas are welcomed, and curiosity is encouraged – it’s a recipe for success at RELEX. 

Fun Facts: Learning German in Lederhosen

And here’s a fun tidbit about Petri – his quest to make German his work language involved learning from the musical wonders of German schlagers, après-ski in the Austrian Alps, and watching Formula 1 in Lederhosen. Language skills, as Petri wisely advises, need some TLC! 

And that’s a wrap! We hope this glimpse into Petri’s world has left you intrigued about life at RELEX. If you’re as excited as we are, why not check out our careers section? Who knows, the next adventure could be yours!  

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