Journey of Passion and Innovation 

Jun 7, 2024 3 min

In the bustling world of RELEX, a beacon of innovation in retail optimization, each employee’s story adds a unique hue to the company’s vibrant mosaic. Today, we spotlight Núria Llauradó, a senior customer success manager whose life journey is as diverse and enriching as the cities she’s embraced as her own. Born under the warm skies of Barcelona, with chapters written in London, Boston, and back in her cherished Barcelona, Núria brings a rich blend of engineering expertise and international business savvy to her role at RELEX. 

For Núria, traveling isn’t just a pastime; it’s a profound passion that drives her to explore new horizons, immerse herself in different cultures, and forge connections worldwide. This love for exploration and a positive, impactful outlook on life led her to RELEX, a company that mirrors her values and commitment to making a difference. 

Her professional voyage began in London with Henkel, navigating the intricate world of supply chain management for retail giants like Tesco and Sainsbury. This experience sharpened her skills and challenged her to adapt and excel across various landscapes. Upon her return to Barcelona, Núria found her niche at RELEX, where she seamlessly merged technology with business to spearhead strategic initiatives and optimize operations. 

As a senior customer success manager, Núria faces the daily challenge of deeply understanding each client’s unique landscape and objectives. Through active listening and empathy, she crafts tailored solutions that tackle the core of their challenges. Her collaboration with the product team has been pivotal in enhancing customer solutions and addressing their pain points directly. 

In my role in customer success management, one of the primary challenges I face is ensuring that I deeply understand the needs and pain points of each client.

Núria’s accomplishments are a testament to her expertise in forging client alliances built on trust and transparency. She’s particularly proud of her work in guiding clients navigate growth with RELEX , streamline their operations and even optimizing workload in stores, as well as reveling together with a customer the significance of sales promotions for increased profitability.  Her positivity energizes her role, embodying the collaborative spirit that strengthens connections both internal interactions at RELEX and external engagements with clients, fostering strong, trust-based partnerships that drive client success. 

Her work embodies RELEX’s values of innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity, contributing significantly to the company’s long-term client success and reinforcing RELEX’s stature as a trusted industry leader. RELEX has played a crucial role in Núria’s career development, offering abundant opportunities for growth and well-being. 

One of the things I like most of my role is the collaborative aspect of my work, both internally with my colleagues and externally with our clients.

Among the company’s values, our employee value proposition pillars “Be inspired. Be curious. Be yourself.” deeply resonates with Núria. This philosophy encourages a culture of exploration, motivation, and authenticity, making the global RELEX community her favorite aspect of the job. These connections enrich her life, both personally and professionally. 

Núria also shares a delightful anecdote from a summer party in Finland, where a game of beach volleyball near a chilly lake, followed by a traditional Finnish sauna and a daring lake plunge, perfectly captured the unique and joyful essence of our live at RELEX. When in Finland, she has transformed her breakfast routine, swapping her beloved olive oil for rye bread, butter, cucumber, and cheese. 

Núria’s story is a testament to the spirit of RELEX: a place where diverse backgrounds, passions, and experiences converge to create a dynamic and inclusive culture. We are a company that not only champions innovation and customer success but also values the individual journeys that contribute to our global.  

If you are seeking a team that celebrates curiosity, innovation, and authenticity, RELEX extends a warm welcome, promising a world of opportunities and connections.

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