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Kemmler: First in Germany to Pick RELEX Retail Planning Software

May 20, 2013 2 min

Kemmler Baustoffe GmbH, which supplies building materials and tiles to construction companies and contractors across Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, has selected RELEX’s cutting-edge forecasting, supply chain analytics and management tools for cutting inventory and replenishment costs while maintaining high availability levels.

“We wanted replenishment software that not only ensures that our customers always find what they want, but that also helps our buyers plan and control the assortment in our outlets,” says Ingo Herzog, Purchasing Director at Kemmler. “While we were already looking for software to optimize our inventories according to seasonal demand variations, we are particularly excited by RELEX’s analytical capabilities that help us develop our procurement processes and assortment management even further.”

Kemmler, a fifth generation family business that employs 1100 in more than 20 depots, prides itself on offering a one-stop-shop for materials that its loyal customers can rely on, whether they’re civil engineers working on a major project or craftsmen putting in a new bathroom.

“Building projects require careful timing,” says Herzog. “If supplies aren’t there when they’re needed it can bring an entire development to a halt. Kemmler is a byword for dependability – if you need it, we want to make sure it’s in stock when you need it – and that means we continually need to stay on top every part of the wide product range our customers have come to expect.”

Before agreeing the deal Kemmler executives visited two of RELEX’s long standing clients in Finland. The cases highlighted their close collaboration with RELEX, the speed of the implementation and the almost complete lack of need for ongoing support.

The RELEX team carried out a ‘pre-study’, running Kemmler’s existing sales and stock data through their systems to show in detail where inventory could be substantially cut without reducing availability. The analytical capabilities of RELEX became also clear as issues demanding management attention, such as slow-moving or unprofitable items, are easily identified and supplemented with suggestions on further actions.

The integration between RELEX and the ERP software UniTrade was completed rapidly, as Ingo Herzog states: “In just a few weeks after project start we had complete up-to-date visibility with RELEX to all the material flows in our outlets. We are now able to squeeze better value out of our ordering process by improving the use of stocks in different locations as well as by consolidating the replenishment from our suppliers.”

The team at RELEX is excited by the new partnership. “Kemmler is a great firm continuously looking for clever improvement opportunities and to have their seal of approval is both a real complement and an excellent way to mark our debut in the German market,” says Dr. Timo Ala-Risku, RELEX’s country manager for Germany.