At RELEX, we’ve accumulated a wealth of supply chain and retail planning expertise from our 1800+ planning specialists. Dive into resources crafted for you by our experts — from blogs and whitepapers to guides, reports, videos, and more.

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The RELEX product roadmap

In this video, our expert Josh Mann gives a view into the RELEX product offering and explains how we help retailers plan better, sell more, and waste less.

Breaking down functional silos

By now, everyone knows that “Silos” is the new bad word in business as it creates critical weaknesses. Find out how to break out from silos to empower greater transparency, collaboration, and information sharing.

A pragmatic guide to AI & machine learning

Our expert Josh Mann explains what machine learning is, what kind of challenges it solves, and why many leading retailers are starting their transition toward machine learning-based demand forecasting.

Introducing RELEX Labs

Welcome to RELEX Labs, our research engine at the core of our company working closely with our customers to develop the future of retail optimization.