Assortment Management Solutions

RELEX offers a range of flexible assortment management tools that enable you to match freely definable assortment classes for each SKU and store. Update them at will and define individual automated rules whenever necessary.

Correct assortment maximizes sales

Having the right selection of products on display to draw customers into your store and stocking their favorite items are key to maximizing your sales. But don’t underestimate location and timing. A product can be right for one store and not another. It may sell in the spring but not in the autumn. Assortment planning deserves a well-crafted process of its own.

Flexible tools for structuring your assortment

Assortment management is about balancing product lines with different roles. Some lines contain highly profitable items while others simply draw in potential customers. The RELEX software compiles a wide range of real-time analytics tools that help you structure your assortment for maximum profit.

RELEX answers questions such as:

  • What are the bestselling items in each outlet?
  • Which products generate the most profit per square foot?
  • What products can be found in the most profitable customers’ baskets?
  • How are newly introduced products performing?
  • Which branded lines would be good additions to your private label product range?

Support your assortment management with automatic replenishment

Effective assortment management is directly linked to replenishment. While no assortment is static, the RELEX systems make it easy to stay on top of constant market changes, seasons, promotions, launches, and peripherals. Our automatic replenishment ensures that all the products in your assortments get to the right stores in the right volumes.

Case Plantasjen

Plantasjen is Scandinavia’s largest chain of garden centres and an established RELEX client. With 110 stores across the region and an annual revenue of approximately € 433M, it is the market leader in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.


12 %

increase in on-shelf availability


decrease in total in-store inventory


increase in sales

  • Significant increase in ordering efficiency; time saved in stores corresponds to about 10 FTE’s
  • Improved accuracy of pre-season allocations, increased responsiveness to local demand in-season, and more efficient stock clearance; increased revenue
  • Purchasing to central warehouse seamlessly integrated with store replenishment

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