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The rapid evolution of technology creates challenges for consumer electronics retail. Trends come and go, product lifecycles can be short while promotions can have a major impact on demand. RELEX helps you master these challenges with confidence.

Manage the initial demand peak

In consumer electronics demand typically peaks at launch while sales quickly decline when a replacement model is expected. Success means having enough stock to meet the initial demand peak and having none left when the next generation of products appears.

With RELEX you can:

  • Create reliable forecasts for new product introductions
  • Allocate products effectively however you choose, e.g. by forecast or product category sales – to ensure the right quantities to the right stores
  • Monitor the estimated end-of-season stock and avoid residuals

Make the most of your promotions

Besides fast product turnover, promotions also complicate forecasting and replenishment in the consumer electronics market. While demand peaks can be huge, accurate forecasts reduce the risk of lost sales and unwanted stock.

RELEX helps you to:

  • Build good forecasts for promotions automatically
  • Monitor the entire chain by your chosen criteria and react within the promotional period to actual sales
  • Automate most of the planning for recurring and similar campaigns
  • Analyze past promotions to plan more successful ones

Supply chain software that adapts to your business needs

RELEX allows you to freely classify products. Defining a comprehensive set of business rules is quick and lets you handle dissimilar products differently. You can also automate the replenishment of the vast majority of products in order to focus on the ones with the largest bottom line impact.

Case Expert

Expert ASA Oy, a Finnish home electronics retailer with 35 own stores and 15 franchised stores, has been using RELEX’s supply chain planning software since 2011. RELEX provides automated replenishment tailored to the company needs and it has produced remarkable results. Expert employs over 400 persons and has a turnover of over €200M.


More time to focus on customer service and sales

Enhanced ability to control product categories and stores

Ability to recognize trends and react fast to those

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Some of our customers

“The high degree of flexibility convinced us from day one. The fixed monthly SaaS fee includes the full system, regular upgrades, and customer support.”

– Olaf Heide, Managing Director, MEDIMAX

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We have helped consumer electronics retailers to master the challenges they face. Indeed the more complex the environment, the bigger the impact of RELEX. If you want to improve your company’s profitability in just months, click on one of the links below.

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