Demand Forecasting

Our demand forecasting and planning software has reduced clients’ inventories by up to 30%. Shelf availability is increased, sales opportunities maximized and managers’ time saved as our optimization engine automatically chooses the best forecast model for each SKU and store combination.

Solid demand forecasting is the foundation for sales success

Demand forecasting has a direct impact on the level and quality of customer service as well as the economic viability of your company’s operations. Getting it right creates a solid foundation for profitable sales.

We increase the accuracy and flexibility of your forecasts

Reliable demand forecasting is based on hard data and ensures optimal stock levels across seasonal peaks as well as the varying demand of each SKU in the different stores. RELEX supply chain planning systems take the strain and do the number crunching, allowing managers to focus on more important things.

With RELEX software you can:

  • Utilize a wide range of statistical forecasting models to streamline the demand planning process
  • Execute statistical tests to automatically determine the optimal forecast model for each SKU-store combination
  • Forecast and analyze base demand and other components, such as seasonality, weather, and promotions, separately (demand sensing)
  • Create integrated forecasts for complex multi-echelon supply chains
  • Manage short-term and long-term forecasts up to 2 years ahead in the same system

Case Booths

Booths is the UK’s leading regional supermarket. In a highly competitive market, dominated by Britain’s biggest retailers, Booths differentiates itself through a discerning assortment, quality, and service.

DCs: 3
Stores: 29 in 5 different size/range configurations
SKUs: 13-14,000
Turnover: £ 280M p.a.


Top 3

Availability for UK supermarkets according to 'The Grocer'


Spoilage down across the assortment/selection

20 %

Spoilage cut in fresh cabinet items

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Get accurate and flexible forecasts

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