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The volume of transactions, products, customers, suppliers, promotions and deliveries in grocery stores dwarf those of every other sector. We help you manage that complexity to avoid overstocking.

Manage complexity with ease

The sheer volume of data grocery retailers manage makes it easy to get overwhelmed by the details. In order to help you keep the big picture in sight, RELEX software let’s you:

  • Automate daily replenishment routines and concentrate on more difficult tasks
  • Classify products as you wish, ensuring personalized management of each product with minimal effort
  • Manage changes in demand, for example due to seasonality, promotions, or weather, effectively and effortlessly
  • Analyze performance on relevant levels of information in order to avoid getting lost in details and drill down for more granularity when necessary

Make the most of your promotions

Grocery shoppers are always looking for promotions. Underestimate their impact, and your empty shelves will lose you sales and customers. Overestimate, and overstocked items suddenly fill your bins – especially with short-shelf-life products.

RELEX software enables you to:

  • Classify promotions and create forecasts for them automatically
  • Monitor the success of promotions and react effectively to unexpected changes during the promotion period
  • Create special rules for products with short shelf life to minimize spoilage

Ensure stable workloads

Picking and shelving requires labor. Peaks and troughs in activity in stores and warehouses increase inefficiencies – and costs. We can help you keep your workload stable despite variations in sales.

RELEX software enables you to:

  • Optimize delivery schedules and keep the workload stable
  • Optimize delivery batches and minimize picking costs
  • Integrate your supply chain – base DC replenishment on forecasted store orders

Current topics:

Uncover the hidden potential of fresh food replenishment

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Case Booths

Booths is the UK’s leading regional supermarket. In a highly competitive market, dominated by Britain’s biggest retailers, Booths differentiates itself through a discerning assortment, quality, and service.

DCs: 3
Stores: 29 in 5 different size/range configurations
SKUs: 13-14,000
Turnover: £ 280M p.a.


Top 3

Availability for UK supermarkets according to 'The Grocer'


Spoilage down across the assortment/selection

20 %

Spoilage cut in fresh cabinet items

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Some of our customers

“The change to RELEX had a massive impact, culturally and organizationally, and to the timing of how the warehouse worked.”

– Andrew Rafferty, IT and eCommerce Director, Booths

Get measurable results in months

We have helped numerous grocery retailers to master the challenges they face. Indeed the more complex the environment, the bigger the impact of RELEX. If you want to improve your company’s profitability in just months, click on one of the links below.

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