Solutions for the home and garden sector

The home and garden sector deals with diverse product ranges – perennials with constant sales, seasonal varieties, holiday specials. Items also vary widely by sales volume, price, size, shelf life and supplier. We’ll help you handle that complexity.

Manage product lines individually

Managing your product lines effectively requires treating each line as individually as possible. Our systems let you decide exactly how you want to classify each product and assign different business rules to different categories.

RELEX handles seasonality

With highly seasonal products, you need the right assortment in place at the right time and you need your stock to shift by season’s end. Even year-round sellers experience swings in demand.

With RELEX you can:

  • Improve forecast accuracy for seasonal products with our seasonal models, which are optimized automatically for each product
  • Control allocation accurately to boost seasonal sales and minimize unwanted end-of-season stock

Optimize transportation

You probably deal with hundreds of suppliers – some of them delivering to your central warehouse and some directly to your stores. Getting the best price might require satisfying specific conditions and to reduce your transport costs you need to keep your trucks as full as possible. Our software helps you keep costs down by optimizing order batches and transportation loads.

Case Plantasjen

Plantasjen is Scandinavia’s largest chain of garden centres and an established RELEX client. With 110 stores across the region and an annual revenue of approximately € 433M, it is the market leader in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.


12 %

increase in on-shelf availability


decrease in total in-store inventory


increase in sales

  • Significant increase in ordering efficiency; time saved in stores corresponds to about 10 FTE’s
  • Improved accuracy of pre-season allocations, increased responsiveness to local demand in-season, and more efficient stock clearance; increased revenue
  • Purchasing to central warehouse seamlessly integrated with store replenishment

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We have helped home and garden businesses to master the challenges they face – indeed the more complex the environment, the bigger the impact of RELEX. If you want to improve your company’s profitability in just months, contact us or learn more about our solutions from below.

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