Inventory Management

When to order and how much are the fundamental questions in inventory planning and management. Our software offers intuitive tools for solving these challenges. As a result, our clients typically see a 30% reduction in inventory levels while maintaining 99% or higher availability.

Efficiency with automation

There are rules for calculating safety stocks, identifying reorder points and many other tasks. Rules are useful, but the same rules don’t always work for different products or locations. Furthermore, as demand changes over time the control parameters need regular updating.

When you are dealing with a large number of products, multiple locations and changes in demand, adjusting control parameters manually becomes impractical and prone to error. Our inventory management software lets you automate these processes by automatically performing statistical tests to see which models and parameters work best for each SKU and store combination.

Get the right inventory parameters

Defining the right inventory parameters is the key to getting the most out of automatic replenishment and demand forecasting.

With RELEX you can:

  • Update your control parameters automatically for each product in each inventory location
  • Spot products and situations, such as oversupply or capacity issues, that need extra attention with our exception management features – often even before they materialize
  • Easily design and implement rules for handling individual products, groups of products and situations
  • Set rules that handle new product introductions and manage stock run-downs at the end of the season

Case Vianor

Vianor is a global tire and car service chain with 800 outlets in 20 countries and almost 4,500 staff in directly-owned and partner-run operations. It’s the largest chain of tire depots in the Nordic region.



stock reduction


comparable sales growth


  • Improved availability in all commodity groups
  • Higher order and delivery volumes resulting in lower freight costs
  • Optimized distribution of stock to meet sales demand and avoid scarcity
  • Increased spare warehouse space allowed Vianor to launch a new 'tire hotel' business

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