Inventory Planning Solution

RELEX’s inventory planning software cuts time spent placing purchase orders by up to 50%. At the same time, it routinely reduces inventory levels by 30% while maintaining 99% availability or higher.

Maximize the value of your buyers’ work

RELEX’s combination of pragmatic AI and outstanding computational power enables unprecedented automation in inventory planning. By cutting time spent on ordering by up to 50% and simultaneously improving inventory turnover and availability, RELEX gives your buyers time to use their expertise to add value; pro-actively planning peak seasons, promotions and assortment, and conducting supplier negotiations.

Mushtaque Ahmed

“We achieved a 25% reduction in order processing time during a three-month initial project period.”

Mushtaque Ahmed
COO, JJ Food Service Ltd

Profit from data-driven buying

Our inventory planning software leverages pragmatic AI to deliver more accurate purchase orders, meeting your capacity and other goals and restrictions, with far less work.

Customer centric forecasting icon

Customer-centric forecasting

Customer-level forecasting enables early detection of changes in important accounts’ buying patterns so you can manage the impact of accounts’ assortment changes or promotions.

Integrated system icon

Fully integrated planning

Upstream forecasts build on regional depots’ or stores’ order forecasts, so all information on end-customer demand and planned changes in the network is used, automatically.

Optimal load building icon

Optimal load building

Load building factoring in all relevant constraints; numbers of full, broken or mixed pallets, minimum order values, efficient truck and container sizes etc., for total inventory cost optimization.

Buying icon

Expert forward buying

Recommendations when and in what quantity to stock-pile a product to benefit from a vendor’s volume-based pricing, thus optimizing total inventory and purchasing costs.

Stock balancing icon

Efficient stock balancing

Redistribution of stock between branches or stores. Alerts when buyers try to place purchase orders for items that are already overstocked in other branches.

Omni-channel icon

Virtual ring-fencing

Virtual ring-fencing combines the efficiency of having a single stock pool serving all sales channels with the opportunity to reserve part of the stock for e.g. online sales to ensure availability.

Real-time visibility icon

Real-time visibility

Constantly updated inventory balances and customer orders allow for additional purchase orders to be triggered on the same day in response to unexpectedly large customer orders.

Alternative suppliers icon

Alternative suppliers

Switching from main, low-cost, long-lead-time suppliers to complementary shorter lead-time supplier when stock-out risks are identified.

Feature highlights of RELEX’s inventory planning software

Ensuring product availability online through virtual ring-fencing

Retailers often want to reserve some stock for online sales and withhold it from brick-and-mortar stores at the beginning of a season. With RELEX’s inventory planning software you can earmark stock for online sales and automatically update the split based on the most recent forecasts for each sales channel. Towards the end of the season ring-fencing can be ramped down in a controlled manner to minimize residual stock.

Managing scarce warehouse space

Many retail and wholesale businesses periodically experience pressure on their warehouse space, especially prior to the biggest demand peaks. RELEX inventory planning lets you calculate capacity forecasts automatically; for instance the number of pallets needed to be stored in the frozen goods warehouse area in the coming months. Potential bottlenecks can be identified automatically and remedied through adjustments to the order plan.

Updating the stocked assortment in online retail

Some retailers’ online catalogues run to millions of items, and it’s impractical to stock everything all the time. Which items to stock from the millions on offer should be reviewed and updated constantly. With RELEX’s inventory planning software it’s easy to automate a review process based on costs, lead-times, and forecast demand. Additional factors and information, such as page view rates, can be included as needed.

Case studies

Örum, automotive spare parts and accessories provider, saw great improvements in warehouse management and supply chain transparency.

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Pharmaceutical wholesaler Galexis succesfully manages over 100,000 products with RELEX Solutions increasing productivity and inventory turnover.

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HVAC wholesaler Onninen decreased inventory value by millions of Euros and increased sales by 6% thanks to RELEX Solutions.

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Andrew Rafferty

“Improving availability and cutting spoilage doesn’t have to be an either/or, we managed to cut spoilage with no adverse impact on availability at all.”

– Andrew Rafferty, IT and eCommerce Director, Booths

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