Promotion Management

Our promotion management software helps you plan, manage, automate, and analyze your promotions easily and flexibly. All functionalities can be easily adapted to meet your business’s needs.

Respond to changes in demand quickly

Our real-time analytics tool gives you a day-by-day breakdown of sales so you can respond to actual demand within the window of opportunity. For example, as a promotion draws to a close, our allocation optimization allows you to shift remaining stock to where it’s most likely to sell.

Manage your promotions with confidence

The RELEX software helps you manage promotions – seasonal or one-off, in-house, driven by the supplier or even by a competitor. Managing, automating and analyzing your promotions has never been easier.

With RELEX you can:

  • Analyze the performance of past and current promotions
  • Manage promotion master data and identify past promotions from sales data
  • Automatically allocate enough stock to create displays and fill the shelves for the beginning of the promotion
  • Automate your in-promotion replenishment with demand forecasts that take the promotion into account
  • Automatically allocate remaining stock to stores, based on actual demand as the promotion is drawing to a close
  • Automatically find similar past promotions to generate meaningful forecasts even if there’s no historical data available

The way RELEX team listened to us and understood our needs was exceptional.

We were able to achieve almost all our targets with only minor compromises.

Elina Haavisto

Head of Business Control and Planning, Lumene

Case Lumene

Founded in 1948, Lumene is a leading manufacturer of skincare and cosmetic products in Finland. As with many FMCG manufacturers, Lumene’s sales are highly promotion-driven. In the old planning system, scheduling and making changes to promotions and campaigns were difficult to manage and prone to error.

Employees Over 500
Product assortment over 1700 lines in various lifecycle phases (in 2014)


  • Easier and more accurate promotion planning
  • Increased transparency and more effective knowledge utilization across the whole supply chain

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Some of the companies managing their campaigns with RELEX

Could RELEX be a solution for your promotion management?

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