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Baked goods

Optimized supply planning, accurate demand forecasting

Identify the most cost-effective production, distribution, and replenishment methods required to satisfy volatile customer demand without sacrificing freshness.

The baked goods supply chain has grown stale

Bakeries stake their reputation on their ability to quickly and consistently produce freshly baked goods for their customers. Raw material shortages, production issues, and the rising costs of ingredients threaten to prevent companies from producing fresh baked goods while still maintaining profitability.

Supply chain disruptions

The modern supply chain is a logistical minefield for bakeries navigating transportation delays, material shortages, production issues, inflation, and rising energy and labor costs.

Volatile demand

External events like social media trends, a competitor’s unforeseen promotion, and inclement weather can lead to sudden shifts in consumer demand, leaving bakeries unable to adjust their forecasting in time to react appropriately.

Fleeting freshness

Baked goods expire quickly, requiring a supply chain that moves goods swiftly and efficiently. Operational inefficiencies, in-network volume, and fluctuating demand often force companies to choose between freshness and responsiveness, causing imbalances that create waste or prevent bakeries from fulfilling orders using the freshest goods.

Poor internal communication and visibility

A reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets creates data siloes that prevent sales and marketing teams from aligning on functions, like promotional planning. The inability to plan and execute from a single platform leads to more work, suboptimal decision-making, and missed opportunities.

Keep your supply chain planning fresh with optimization

The ability to deliver the freshest products despite supply chain tangles hinges on the quality and capabilities of your supply chain planning solution. Use RELEX to:

Synchronize production planning and scheduling

Balance unique facility constraints, allergen and alternative recipe considerations, and labor requirements to schedule production that minimizes downtime and maximizes profitability.

Optimize inventory management

Determine which longer shelf-life products should be added to a load based on projected future orders without risking spoilage. Select safety stocks based on data-guided demand trends to ensure that customer needs are met without overstocking and wasting products.

Create automated, granular forecasts

Create demand forecasts that capture the impact of such circumstances as demand variation within each week, seasonality, promotions, and pricing decisions.

Enhance S&OP efforts

Reconcile supply and demand plans and optimize them for profitability to ensure key business goals are met. Operate from a single, comprehensive plan to make more efficient, effective and strategic long-term business decisions.

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