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Integrated supply chain planning
for CPG companies

RELEX helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies anticipate demand and optimize supply planning through accurate forecasts and visibility across the supply chain, creating actionable S&OP plans to maximize service levels, increase efficiency, optimize inventory levels, and reduce waste.

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Sample results from our CPG clients

weekly forecast accuracy
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improvement in peak season forecast accuracy
reduction in stockouts
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Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ of Supply Chain Planning Solutions

The Gartner Magic Quadrant research analyzes supply chain planning (SCP) solutions providers. “This research helps supply chain technology leaders when evaluating and selecting software tools to enable their supply chain planning maturity progression.”

Turn your supply chain challenges

into opportunities

CPG companies must face challenges such as global disruptions while continuously optimizing stock and capacity across the supply chain network to stay competitive.


Inaccurate demand forecasts

Manual and Excel-reliant forecasting processes often fail to account for promotions, holidays, events, and retailer decisions. Accurate and reliable forecasts help CPG companies plan more effectively at any level of granularity.


Supply shortages and uncertainties

Supply chain scarcity has become the new norm, from material shortages to intermittent availability amid global disruptions. CPG companies must anticipate change and proactively manage constraints to stay ahead of these shortages.


Inefficient capacity and lack of prioritization

Inability to secure production flexibility and optimize capacity is costly. Too little flexibility increases the risk of low service level; too high leads to inefficiency. CPG companies need a simulation capability to prioritize capacity and prepare for change.

Misaligned demand and supply plans

Balancing demand and supply constraints is crucial in optimizing an end-to-end supply chain. Robust sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes done in integrated systems ensure alignment and better decision-making.

Impressive results from

CPG companies just like you

Optimize for any

supply chain disruption

Have complete visibility across the CPG supply chain with RELEX’s highly adaptable planning solution, allowing for digital supply chain twins and smooth collaboration.

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Maximize forecast accuracy

Maximize your demand forecasting accuracy through machine learning and incorporate complex variables, such as weather, holidays, and retailer data.

Screenshot of sharing retailer data
Increase vendor availability

Tackle supply issues and manage scarcity with intelligent allocation and supplier collaboration solutions to increase availability and avoid long lead times.

Ensure high service levels and efficient flows

Ensure capacity optimization and allocation across the CPG supply chain with RELEX scenario modeling and prioritize the right products, customers, and channels.

Improve decision alignment

Make informed decisions with RELEX’s adaptive S&OP solution to balance demand/supply, align teams for long-term planning, and achieve business goals together.

AI-driven demand planning for consumer goods companies

Find all the key features and benefits conveniently in a two-page document.

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