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Unified planning
for fresh and prepared food brands

RELEX helps fresh and prepared food brands optimize their supply chain and cut food waste while maximizing service levels and quality. Our highly accurate forecasting and responsive supply chain planning solution allow for the production of fresh products at the right quantities at the right time.

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Reduce food waste

and improve customer satisfaction

Consumer brands and manufacturers who offer fresh food and prepared meals need to strike a balance between reducing waste and improving the availability and quality of products sent to their customers.

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Product freshness

Perishable stock that doesn’t reach consumers in time can lead to waste. It’s critical to produce the right quantity at the right time, particularly during promotions and when dealing with seasonal products.

Fluctuating customer demand

Lack of accurate, timely visibility into changing consumer demand as well as retailers’ commercial and order plans creates unnecessary lag and uncertainty in the supply chain.


Supply disruptions and scarcity

Unanticipated supply disruptions and low availability can make it difficult to fulfill customer orders, leading to lost sales and a hit to a business’s bottom line.


Workforce concerns

Businesses need to prioritize both retention and efficiency to combat high labor costs, workforce shortages, and tight budgets.

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Supply Chain Planning Solutions

The Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ research analyzes supply chain planning (SCP) solutions providers – among these RELEX Solutions. “This research helps supply chain technology leaders when evaluating and selecting software tools to enable their SPC maturity progression.”

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Optimize the food supply chain

RELEX improves the accuracy of both short- and long-term supply chain planning while mimimizing food waste, ensuring freshness, and improving service levels.

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Stay in control of demand

Machine learning and demand sensing based on point-of-sale data from retailers enable more accurate and responsive plans that reduce waste and lost sales.

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Automate forecasting and ordering

Reliable automation improves service levels and profitability by allowing for the placement of just-in-time orders that support ordering policies and batch expirations.

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Maximize freshness

Optimize fresh inventory management by automatically considering shelf-life and batch-level expiration dates to improve profitability and reduce waste.

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Improve efficiency

Optimize the goods flow with demand-driven distribution plans that automatically rebalance and prioritize inventory when excess stock or shortages occur.

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