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RELEX for fresh food producers

Forecast for freshness. Produce for profitability.

Make strategic production decisions and execute realistic, flexible schedules that satisfy customer obligations and maximize cost-effectiveness without sacrificing product freshness.

Supply chain inefficiencies have put fresh to the test

Seasonality, promotions, spoilage — fresh food manufacturers must juggle them all, and all without making costly production errors that cut into profit margins. Planners beholden to manual planning processes and working with spreadsheets often make decisions based on what feels right without knowing if another choice would have been more profitable.

Spoilage costs

Storage constraints, inefficient production schedules, and manual, reactive order adjustments disrupt manufacturing and lead to spoilage of limited shelf-life fresh products.

Production concerns

Factors like set-up times, allergen considerations, alternative recipes, and more complicate production planning and scheduling. This makes it difficult to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to fulfill customer orders.

Supply volatility

Anything from bad weather to geopolitical events can disrupt supply. In the face of raw material scarcity, manufacturers must determine order priority and scramble to avoid contractual penalties for late shipments.

Siloed information

Manual planning and an overreliance on high-touch methods result in data that is siloed, not shared. Teams operate independently without a single source of truth, inhibiting strategic decision-making.

Choose a fresher future
with optimized supply planning

Success in fresh food manufacturing is determined by razor-thin profit margins, so you’ll need a robust planning platform that simplifies supply planning while emphasizing cost reduction. Enter RELEX, a solution you can use to:

Forecast demand to ensure freshness

The key to ensuring fresh order fulfillment and minimal spoilage lies in high-accuracy demand forecasting. RELEX uses machine learning to produce granular demand forecasts that are automatically adjusted using the most up-to-date internal, external, and customer information.

Efficiently plan and schedule production

Each of your production sites has unique constraints and limitations, stretching from a set number of production lines to a finite group of employees. RELEX helps planners schedule production to maximize operational efficiency and minimize downtime.

Determine optimal product mix

A bushel of apples could be juiced, turned into fresh packaged meals, distributed whole, or a mix of several options. RELEX determines which product mix will net the most profit based on existing resources, production constraints, and customer orders.

Make more strategic business decisions

RELEX synchronizes supply and demand planning across teams and time horizons. Up-to-date information and adjustments are visible to every stakeholder simultaneously, facilitating closer collaboration and enabling companies to build and execute more intentional, profit-focused business strategies.

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