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Health and beauty brands

Unified supply chain planning for health, beauty, and hygiene brands

RELEX helps health, beauty, and hygiene consumer brands predict demand and optimize supply planning through accurate forecasts and visibility across the supply chain. Our unified solution enables brands to create actionable S&OP plans that enhance service levels, cut excess stock, and increase efficiency.

Impressive results from our customers


reduction in stockouts 


improvement in forecast accuracy


regularity for core items’ OTIF (on-time in-full) deliveries

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Address your biggest health, beauty, and hygiene supply chain challenges

Health, beauty, and hygiene consumer brands need to optimize stock levels and manage complex supply chain issues to stay competitive. 

Lack of supply chain visibility 

Manual, siloed planning processes lead to a lack of visibility across the supply chain, making it difficult to accurately predict demand and adjust production and inventory levels. This can lead to higher costs, excess inventory, stockouts, and lost sales. 

Supply chain complexity  

With multiple warehouses and sales channels, it can be difficult to ensure that inventory is available when and where needed and that orders are fulfilled and shipped in a timely and efficient manner.  

Balancing service levels and inventory

OTIF (on-time in-full) delivery is essential to satisfying customer demand and building loyalty, but maintaining high inventory levels increases costs and waste.  

Seasonality and varying sales patterns 

Brands that cannot model the impact of seasons, promotions, and other sales patterns that affect demand often struggle with managing multiple products with different lifecycles.

Optimize health, beauty, and hygiene supply chain processes  

RELEX provides complete visibility across the entire supply chain, allowing for smooth collaboration between consumer brands and retailers. 

Gain visibility and control over the supply chain

Leverage AI-driven forecasting and digital twin modeling to improve supply chain visibility, predict customer demand, and manage long lead times.

Optimize stock for high availability

Automatically assess demand data and optimize inventory to ensure high service levels while cutting excess stock and reducing costs.

Collaborate with partners

Automate information sharing to support collaborative planning with partners, align supply and production planning, drive sales, and improve efficiency.

Forecast for every scenario

Automate forecasting for even the most challenging scenarios, such as seasonality, promotions, and slow-movers, so planners can focus on exceptions.

Inspiring stories from businesses like yours

“RELEX is an incredibly flexible and user-friendly solution.”

Lispe Tammivaara
Project Manager, Lumene

Lumene products

Case study: Lumene

Finland’s leading manufacturer of skincare and cosmetic products uses RELEX to improve its sales forecasting and S&OP process.


Case study: Zenith

Zenith Hygiene Group now have the platform they need to handle rapid business growth delivering greater efficiency, visibility and control. 

Case study: Transmeri

By implementing RELEX, the Finnish consumer and cosmetics goods importer was able to increase its forecast accuracy by 10 percentage points.

Lumene products

Case study: Lumene

Finland’s leading manufacturer of skincare and cosmetic products uses RELEX to improve its sales forecasting and S&OP process.

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