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Customer video: JYSK

Heine Sort, JYSK’s Flow of Goods Director, sat down to share how RELEX is helping JYSK drive forecast accuracy and streamline planning processes through agile, AI-enabled solutions to better serve their customers. 

Customer video: Unifarm

Unifarm President Paolo Cainelli shares insights into why they selected RELEX to help them optimize their supply chain, reduce stock, and better serve their pharmacy customers. 

Customer video: Selco Builders Warehouse

David Rose, Head of Supply Chain, Tony Davis, Head of Space, and Chris Barber, Store Manager, took some time out from their day in Milton Keynes to share how they have seen significant enhancements in the efficiency of their branches and customer service following their deployment with RELEX Solutions.

Customer video: Leroy Merlin

Paolo Schumaniak, Head of Demand & Supply Planning at Leroy Merlin Italy, took a few minutes to explain how a centralized planning approach using RELEX is helping his team improve forecasting in the short term and in the medium-long term.

End-to-end supply chain planning for CPG

Continuous planning provides visibility into the entire supply chain. Allowing you to produce the most cost-optimized plan given supply disruptions, demand forecasts, customer contracts, and your own production constraints.

Customer video: Henderson Group

In this video, Paul McAlinden talks about their partnership with RELEX, managing disruption during the pandemic, and expanding their capabilities from wholesale to include retail.

Customer video: Plantagen

Plantagen shares their success with their recent expansion with RELEX to streamline their ordering and replenishment and drive efficiency for store teams. 

RELEX workload forecasting explained

In this video, we’ll show how our approach to workload forecasting lays the foundation for accurate labor planning, helping to drive down costs while raising service levels.

Customer video: Giant Tiger

In this video, Alison Herrera, Giant Tiger Supply Chain Systems Optimization Manager, shares how they have streamlined their inventory planning with RELEX to reduce inventory and increase efficiency from DCs to stores. 

Customer video: Rite Aid

In this video, Rite Aid Senior Manager of Allocation & Store Replenishment, Michael Marquardt, shares how RELEX is helping them streamline forecasting, replenishment and allocation and drive efficiency for their distribution centers.

RELEX Fresh grocery explainer

If you're relying on manual processes and disconnected systems, you're leaving your store teams frustrated and fighting spoilage, gaps on shelves, and waste every day.

Customer video: AutoZone

Annie Hook, AutoZone VP of Replenishment, sat down with us to share insights into why they partnered with RELEX to streamline forecasting and replenishment for their distribution centers and boost vendor collaboration.

Customer video: Prince Retail

In this video, Rina Janine Go, Chief Merchandising, Marketing, and Distribution Officer for Prince Retail, discusses how RELEX has helped them automate processes and drive forecast accuracy.

Customer video: JJ Food Service

In this video, Managing Director Mushtaque Ahmed shares insights into JJ Food’s focus on promotions and how RELEX is helping them maximize profit and value for their customers. 

Customer video: Family Dollar

In this video, Kim Ramsey, VP of Inventory Management for Family Dollar shares why they chose RELEX to integrate their forecasting and replenishment.

Customer video: ICA Sweden

Andreas Persson, Director of Replenishment, and Richard Belec, Business and IT Development Manager, sat down to share why ICA Sweden decided to partner with RELEX to achieve their goals.

Customer video: Coop Estonia

Oliver Rist, Coop Estonia Purchasing Director, sat down to share some insights about their partnership with RELEX and how they are increasing the profitability of their promotions and ensuring high availability for campaign products.

NRF 2023 Big Ideas Session: ADUSA

In this video, a panel of guests from ADUSA explores how the grocery retail group is leveraging people and technology to deploy agility, flexibility, and precision in its end-to-end supply chain.

Customer video: Pharmacity

In this video, David Young, Pharmacity’s Deputy CEO, shares why they selected RELEX to help them on their supply chain transformation journey and the benefits they’ve seen so far. 

Customer video: Family Farm & Home

Nick Bowne, Family Farm & Home’s Merchandising Support Coordinator, took a few minutes at RELEX Live in Atlanta to share some of the highlights of working with RELEX and the advantages of unifying space and replenishment planning.