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Seasonal merchandise planning: Driving sales with optimized retail space and allocation planning

Sometimes, it seems the only thing preventing retailers from pushing their winter holiday products out on the first day of October is that their display areas are still reserved for Halloween products. It makes sense...

RELEX’s approach to space and assortment planning

Combining space and assortment planning with accurate demand forecasts and optimized replenishment has great benefits. In this video, we’ll give an overview of RELEX’s Space & Assortment Solutions.

How to improve customer-centricity with in-store assortment collaboration

While many retailers widely use category insight data such as product performance, area demographics, and demand patterns to produce more customer-focused assortments, they fail to leverage the knowledge of those closest to the customer –...

Clustered berries

Store clustering: 5 pitfalls and how to avoid them

Retailers are looking at their merchandising strategies to cluster stores more precisely in order to understand demand at a more granular level.

Planning shelves optimally 

Store-specific planograms are transforming retail shelf management. Why? They cater to each store's unique needs, ensuring products with high demand are rightly positioned.

Customer Video: Rite Aid

In this video, Rite Aid Senior Manager of Allocation & Store Replenishment, Michael Marquardt, shares how RELEX is helping them streamline forecasting, replenishment and allocation and drive efficiency for their distribution centers.

Unified retail space optimization drives tangible value

Whereas store-specific planogramming can drive remarkable benefits like increased sales and availability and decreased waste, unified space planning builds on those benefits to deliver additional, more tangible value across the business.

Cereal shelf at a grocery store

Optimizing assortment differentiation to balance sales and costs 

Finding the optimum balance between centralized and customer-centric assortment differentiation is a critical task. But how this optimum can be arrived?

Tailor your on-shelf inventory with store-specific planograms  

A unified approach to category management combined with the right planning tool allows retailers to leverage localized demand data to automate store-specific planogramming.

Store planogram

Boost sales and profitability through automated, store-specific planogram optimization 

With automation, central planning teams can create a high volume of accurate planograms that are adapted to store needs. This will decrease out-of-stocks and overstocks, reduce inventory costs, and improve operational efficiency in stores.

How to maximize store operational efficiency with a clever supply chain planning solution

This blog discusses how an effective supply chain planning solution can help keep relationships strong and stores efficient, stocked, and robust.

Customer Video: Pharmacity

In this video, David Young, Pharmacity’s Deputy CEO, shares why they selected RELEX to help them on their supply chain transformation journey and the benefits they’ve seen so far. 

Retail space planning

Retail space planning: Building a business case for technology investment

This guide highlights the best practices for building a business case for store-specific space management technology investment.

From Planograms to Realograms: How Emerging Technology is Transforming Merchandising and Planning

This webinar discusses how emerging technologies reduce costs and increase profitability for retailers and CPGs.

Customer Video: Rite Aid

Dave King, Director of Visual Merchandising at Rite Aid, sat down at RELEX Live 2022 in Atlanta to share their experience in partnering with RELEX.

NRF 2022 Big Ideas Session: JOKR

Learn how JOKR is transforming its retail planning for increased efficiency, reduced inventory, and better product availability.

Unifying Space Management & Supply Chain

Discover how to leverage AI & ML to create optimal consumer-centric planograms based on forecast sales data and product availability.

Store shelves

What’s the Key to Dark Store Profitability?

The smart use of dark stores helps make online channels profitable and respond to the increased consumer demand for speed and convenience in online shopping.

Conquering Microspace Optimization Through Data and AI

In this webinar, our experts discuss automated space planning and present opportunities to utilize AI-driven data across supply chain and space management.

Capacity management webinar

Drive Operational Efficiency with Proactive Capacity Management

In this webinar, our experts make the case for a proactive approach to supply planning and capacity management to optimize the goods flow and take full advantage of workforce and space availability.

Overcome Challenges in Managing Product Assortment in Drug Stores

Years ago, a store may have stocked between 7,000 and 8,000 over-the-counter SKUs. Today, retailers have to account for and optimize anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 SKUs.

Benefit from Forecast Data in Your Planograms

During my almost seven years working with space planning, I’ve faced almost every question there is to ask around the topic. One, however, seems to come up constantly “Can we use forecast data when making...

Which Capabilities to Prioritize When Implementing Merchandising Systems

As a retailer grows and matures, they will inevitably find themselves, at some point, needing to invest in merchandising systems. But which capabilities to prioritize?

Supply chain planning in online retail part 2

Assortment Planning for Online Retail

Traditional inventory management limits as to what you can sell, and what you can’t, no longer apply in e-commerce.