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Webinar Recap: Drive Operational Efficiency with Proactive Capacity Management

The ultimate goal for retail supply chain planning is to ensure that the right products arrive in the right amount at the right time in the right place.

Capacity management webinar

Drive Operational Efficiency with Proactive Capacity Management

In this webinar, our experts make the case for a proactive approach to supply planning and capacity management to optimize the goods flow and take full advantage of workforce and space availability.

Webinar Recap: Unleash the Potential of AI-Driven Workforce Optimization in Retail Stores

With a modern, AI-driven workforce optimization solution in place, today’s retailers are able to use workload forecasts to automate and efficiently improve the accuracy of this vital planning work.

Webinar recording

Unleash the potential of AI-driven workforce optimization in retail stores

In this webinar, RELEX’s experts will share insights on how to optimize and automate workforce planning in stores, increase efficiency, and provide better flexibility and engagement for employees.

Data-Driven Workforce Optimization Is Fueled with Accurate Forecasts

Workforce optimization helps ensure that every shift is filled with not only an adequate number of people to avoid over- or under-staffing but also the right people.

Today’s Workforce Optimization Software: Matching Tasks, Talent, and Timing

Today’s store managers face the challenge of creating shift schedules that satisfy 3 things at the same time: matching shifts to forecast workload, complying with all rules and restrictions, and aligning shifts with employee requirements.

Improving Operational Efficiency in Retail through Workforce Management and Optimization

Retail workforce management processes can be improved through forecast-driven optimization solutions that leverage your data.

Customer Voice: Towards Forecast-based Workforce Optimization

In this blog, our customer Stockmann’s Head of HR Services and Digitalization and Shift Planners Team Lead discuss the changing dynamics in retail workforce management.