Retail and Supply Chain Analytics Solution

RELEX’s retail and supply chain analytics software makes data analysis accessible to all, helping business users make better informed decisions. One hundred times faster than comparable systems our in-memory computing technology processes data in an instant – with no need to write queries or code.

Understand, predict and choose the best action

RELEX’s combination of outstanding pragmatic AI, in-memory data processing and computational power allows you to use retail and supply chain analytics to greater effect than ever before. Dive into data to identify root causes, use dashboards to review your KPI’s at-a-glance, set up exception alerts to make sure your focus is always where it’s needed and deploy predictive analytics to identify the best courses of action, and possible challenges, well in advance.

“The RELEX system gathers information quickly and at all desired levels, and we can also set up automated reporting to meet different needs. For example, different countries’ sales forecasts can be viewed singly, as a whole, or at different levels.”

Lauri Helin
Project Owner, Altia

Improve performance through data-driven insights and predictive analytics

In retail, the mix of thousands of products, hundreds of stores, several distribution centers and hundreds of suppliers gives rise to millions of goods flows. Changes in planograms, assortments, warehousing, distribution or even the weather, can affect the whole network, sometimes in surprising ways. Our in-memory analytics software provides total supply chain visibility. Through predictive analytics and exception alerts, issues can be identified as they arise and dealt with before they escalate. What-if scenario planning, leveraging digital twin technology, enables you to understand the full impact of your decisions before execution.

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Speed and flexibility

RELEX’s In-memory technology processes massive amounts of data extremely fast. Views and reports can be modified at will, letting users dissect and scrutinize data however they choose.

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Self-service analytics

Our analytics tools make it possible to conduct analyses without writing queries or code, placing analytics in the hands of regular users rather than systems experts.

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Predictive analytics

Using precise demand forecasting and details of planned changes, our system generates accurate projections of future goods flows, supporting forward-looking analysis and decisions.

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Actionable analytics

Exception management pro-actively identifies issues, such as poor forecast accuracy or poorly performing products, and lets users address them directly within the same system.

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What-if analyses

The full impact of planned changes, such as planogram updates or promotions, across the whole supply chain can be accurately evaluated before execution using what-if scenario planning.

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Data visualization

Make full use of humans’ finely tuned ability to see patterns, spot trends, and identify outliers by presenting data in the form of graphs, charts and gauges.

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Rich data

Take advantage of external data, such as weather data, and richer internal data, such as detailed information of in-store execution of promotions, for more accurate analytics.

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Easy data exporting

Create file exports or even automatic scheduled e-mails of any system view for dissemination or further action.

Highlighted features of RELEX’s retail and supply chain analytics software

Your performance at-a-glance

Through configurable dashboards, each user can access his/her main KPI’s on one screen. Visualization, through graphs, charts, gauges and color coding etc., makes it even easier to understand how things are going at-a-glance.

For a category manager, the dashboard may focus on sales, forecasts and margins, while supply chain planners are more concerned with on-shelf-availability, inventory turnover, on-time deliveries and delivery capacity. For those running multinational operations, all territories and supply chain echelons are visible in the same system.

Efficient S&OP for retail

Accurate store orders are essential, but you also need to make sure that store demand can be fulfilled, especially when planning for major seasons, promotions or assortment reviews. Our automated system has the power to calculate projected orders and deliveries hundreds of days ahead at a store/day/item level for any node in the supply chain. So RELEX provides exceptional visibility of potential supply chain bottle necks such as stores’ receiving capacity, DCs’ picking or storage capacity, or transportation capacity for each route, before they become problems.

Leveraging digital twin technology for what-if scenario planning to adjust order plans, our customers have reduced peak volumes by 15 % or more, resulting in significant savings and reduced supply chain risks.

Make use of weather data in analytics

Weather can have a huge impact on demand – the first hot weekend of summer generally sees rocketing sales of barbecue items and drinks. Our retail and supply chain analytics software integrates with weather forecast providers to take in up-to-date weather forecasts for every location. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the impact of different weather variables on demand for each item and updates sales forecasts accordingly. To avoid the risk of forecast-nervousness and to allow for informed planning decisions, a baseline forecast calculated without weather forecast information is always available and the user can choose which forecast to apply.

Weather impacts BBQ product demand

“Accurate forecasts on a customer-chain level will allow us to assess our performance against sales targets more quickly and to target corrective measures more effectively.”

– Teemu Pitkänen, Sales Director, Atria

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