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Whether you’re purely an online retailer or run an omni-channel business, with better demand forecasting and inventory management, you can exploit the wealth of data generated by online retail to reduce stock, improve availability and boost your profits.

To stock or not to stock?

That is the question. With millions of possible options, building the perfect assortment, balancing long-lead-low-cost with short-lead-higher-cost items can be a huge challenge. With RELEX system you can determine which items should be held in your warehouse and which are best ordered in response to purchases.

  • Balance stock between bricks and clicks

    RELEX helps you boost profits by minimizing your inventory levels while maximizing your sales across all channels. Use your RELEX solution to define priorities between your physical and online outlets and ring-fence stock within a single pool for maximum efficiency.

  • Manage multiple delivery options

    Delivery options are multiplying; from home delivery, store collection to collection point. RELEX manages this growing complexity, factors in delivery options into stock decisions, ensures click-and-collect stores have popular stock on hand and in their local assortment and more.

Make best use of the rich data available

RELEX enables you to mine that data for retail intelligence gold. You can analyze records from customer visits and purchases to support forecasting, to inform pricing decisions and to study browsing and buying behavior.

Returns are a headache

Returns are a fact of e-commerce life. But don’t get mad; just manage. RELEX system helps you forecast your returns and tie those forecasts into inventory management and category management. RELEX-powered analysis helps reduce overstocking and allows you to improve your financial and capacity planning.

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“We were impressed at how quickly we started seeing results from RELEX.”

– Didi Francis, Head of Retail,

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We have helped numerous e-commerce and omni-channel retailers to master the challenges they face. Indeed the more complex the environment, the bigger the impact of RELEX. If you want to improve your company’s profitability in just months, click on one of the links below.

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